How I will dominate during term 4

The end is finally almost upon us! We only have about 4 months left in the school year.  Then it is goodbye to Jr High and all the bad feelings and struggles.   I am so glad that I desided to take honers classes this year it totally paid off.  While in honers you have 1 the better teacher 2 the funner teacher 3 it looks much better on your grade.  Also I’m pretty sure the only difference was that we had a few more questions on a couple tests and we had to do a tad wee bit more homework.  This is so much better than than those crummy normal classes.  I have learned so much more this year as well.  Not really in the academic department but in the me department.  I have gotten to know myself a lot more, and I have been able to help lots more people because of that.

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