Self Assessment

I think that Mr Green is making us take care of our own learning so he doesn’t have too.   Don’t get me wrong I love Mr Green.  He is a super nice and helpful teacher.  He has made English really fun this year, but just like all of us he is a bit lazy.  I don’t think that he has quite out gown that stage of teenager life.   But can you blame him.  He is at school with a bunch of lazy teens for 6 hours a day 5 days a week.  Then he goes home to his children.  He is probably tired from babysitting all of the kids in his class then he goes home in hope to sit down and write in all of his books, or what he likes to call annotating, and have a bit of quite.  When low and behold his 5 year old rips his book out of his hand and BOOM!  “DADDY, SARAH STOLE MY DOLLIE!”, his five year old screams. Next poor old Mr. Green must help his 5 year old claim her dolly from the treacherous witch Sally.   So we can’t blame him can we?

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