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Term 4 book report

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I chose Cress for my book report.  I chose it because it was the next book in one of my favorite series. I loved all of the books and it seemed really good. Image result for cress by marissa meyer


It is for young adults 12-18 year-old’s  It is 550 pages and has a 840 lexis.  My main character is 18 years old, and lives in space.  I says on amazon that it is for grades seven through twelfth.

Marissa Meyer is a well known american author.  She has earned her space on the new York times best seller list with the first book in the series.  She has been given multiple rewards in all of the books she has written.

My main characters name is Cress.  She lives in space and urine’s for companionship.  She has lived alone in a sateillight all her live.  She is also a computer genus and a shell.  In her country people have a gift to control peoples minds with their own.  She can not control anyone’s mind but know one can control her ether.

Reading test scores

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I got a 1272 on my reading test.  I feel good about it I could technically go in to college right now and be fine.  I have no clue to how I am from the rest of the year to now and I don’t know if I got any better or worse.  I am still reading at home when my mother takes my phone away.  Sometimes I read on that too.

I read 3 books in class After the kiss, Ever and the Leviathan.  I choose the book Ever to report on it was my favorite one and I could come up with the objects a lot  faster than the other two.  My book report worked out pretty well.  But I do wish that I would have done it earlier so I could have gotten extra credit.

Hopefully I will have straight A’s in term 4 but I would have to talk to my Math teacher.  I will hopefully have a job and a part in the Sound Of Music.  For English I want to read Winter but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it.  I would also love to read the maze runner or Brandon Mulls new Fantasy book.

Extra Credit

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 This famous painting of Ophelia is by Sir John Evertt Millais.  The painting shows a young woman with magnolia skin and a buff dress with red, blue and yellow buttercups on top of her as she floats down the river as the green trees and shrubs bid her farewell to the world she knew.  The shrubs line the way to a new beginning to for Ophelia and seem to be saying goodbye as she peacefully floats downstream.  Half of the greenery is still underwater while Ophelia is swept away.  She is floating on top of all of the greenery, her bodice looks damp while her skirt is still underneath a sheet of water.  As Ophelia held on to dear life she seemed to be able to only care about grasping on to a flower as she took her own life.  Sir Millais named the painting Ophelia to show what he thought of her, in my perspective he viewed her as a young women who lost her way and deserves more credit than the world gives her.  The painting reminds me of a song called “If I Die Young”.  It talks about a girl who is contemplating suicide and how if she does kill herself  she wants to be “Laid down in a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn.”.  The girl in the song is just like Ophelia she has a dilemma and doesn’t know quite how to solve it.  Then they both decide that the only answer is to take your own life.  That is what the painting is showing.  It tells a story that a young girl who is lost and thinks that the only way to solve a problem is to make it so it’s not yours.  It tells you that people don’t always take in consideration what they are doing and how it will affect other people not just themselves.  It also convases to me that we all want people to be happy and do what they want in life.  It makes me think that if you take your own life you don’t have opportunities to have fun and do what makes you happy and you will make other people unhappy while you do that.  People all around us are struggling with depression and low self- esteem. They think that no one is there for them and don’t care if they do something but people are there for them and do care more than they think.   I think that this painting tells you a story that if you decide that dying is better than living than the world will mourn for the poor choose you made.

Personal call to adventure

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My life is quite generic.  It’s a lot like any other 8 graders life, with small things that I make my own.  I go to school and learn come home and ether hang out with friends or head to play practice. I have to walk home every day witch is great for my calves and is hopefully going to help tone my thighs.  I have the same problems as most 8th grade girls. I’m insecure and I want people to like me.  But some problems are mine and mine alone.  One big problem that I have had lately is my big sister moving out.   Me and my sister Melissa were very close and enjoy the same things.  It has put a lot of emotional strain on me to not have her here.

My entire life I have always wanted to go all around the world.  I have always wanted to visit Islands and go and explore hidden castle in Ireland.   There was always that want to go all around the world since I have been little.  In the movies that I watched they went all over and saw the most beautiful thing and meat the greatest people and had so many adventurers.  That is only one of the many reasons that I want to get out of here.

So many things in life make it so I cant do somethings.  I’m not old enough, strong enough, rich enough.  And I can’t be let alone in the world with out adult supervision.  Another thing holding me back is my parents, who would rather me be a 11 year-old all my life.

My best friend Ruthie.  Me and Ruthie both feel trapped and want to go places.  She has helped me with so much stuff.  She is one of the greatest friends ever.  I don’t think anyone else would ever help me get out this little town.  Another person helping me want to go places and see things is my big brother.  He want to be a US marine.  They go all over Europe and Asia and try and help people.  He makes me want to too. 

blogging update

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During Christmas brake my big sister came home.  She is in her first year college and doesn’t get to go home very often. There was an extra bed in my room, that is where she sleeps.  We stayed up till 3 every night.  On time we were on her phone watching a show.  I asked her if she was a sleep multiple times she always answered yes.  I just learned that she had been sleep talking the entire time.  I love having my big sister home.

book I have chosen for term 3 is Scarlet.   I choose the book because I had already read the first one and wanted to read another one.  The author is Marissa Meyer. Here is a link to her website. The reading level for Scarlet is 12 to 18 years old.  Here is a link to amazon for any other information you might need.

A goal for 2018 is to do more with my hair.  I am pretty good at hair and have learned lots of things to do with it and I would like to put my learning experience to work.   I want to never leave it down with out something in it again.  I could do braids french dutch or rope.  I can do buns pony tales or a mixture of both. I am so exsided for the new year.


poem response

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Dear Sekou Andrews,

When I read your poem “The Anthem of Awesome” it intrigued me. Lots of people are losing hope with every bad thing that is going on.    Like the better where the best once was.  Well things were bad before.  Things like that happened. People still died and were sad and had no hope.  You suggest that Every gray hair a trophy. That bad things that have happened to you have made you stronger. I think that everyone should feel that way.  That you shouldn’t lose hope.

My brother has his heart set on being in the military.  He wants to do the hardest job there.  I love my brother more than anyone in the world.  He will come back from the military with scares and cuts if he doesn’t die. That is why I added the picture of two air-force pilots shaking hands. He thanks the military everyday and thanks God that we live in a place where he can be what ever he wants.  I think that your poem is helping me realize that losing him will be a sad blow but, I should be grateful for everything else.

End of term one

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I love reading.  In my book I liked the way I read.  I did what I was told and finished at a good time,  I had a week to think about it but I wasn’t board.  I liked the book it wasn’t my favorite I don’t like that kind of mystery.  It had told me who the killer was in the beginning.  I like to try and find out who the killer is and it seemed far fetched. Being the romantic that I am I would have liked it better if there was some romance in the end.  I liked the short story in the big picture but it took a while to build up and it only built up at the end.  And it went down very quickly.

I liked the blog posts I wish that we had a bit more class time though.    I was taught to elaborate as much as possible so I tend to write a lot. I wish that I didn’t have to write these but it was way better that a paper.  I wish that I didn’t write as much and I was sitting by Sarah.

I did my book report last.  We had two more minutes until the bell rang.  I got it done in time and I feel pretty good about it.   I loved reading the book.  If I got too go back in life I would become famous and have a million dollars in cash with me all the time.  I would be dating a very attractive man and be a millionaire.  That is what I would do if I could relive first term.

Symbolism in my book

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In my book The Graveyard Book,  my main symbolism is a gravestone.  A gravestone represents that there is a barrier between life and death.  But sometimes that barrier is meant to be crossed.    In the book Bod is taken in by a old dead lady who always wanted a child.  She tells Bods mother that she will take care of him before asking permission from the people in charge of the graveyard.  Soon after they have a battle.  Being wither to keep the baby or to live it because he is alive.  Most of the graveyard doesn’t want Bod in because of the barrier but the White Lady tells them that they should brake that barrier.

My front cover is light and dark blue.  It has a gravestone that looks like a character from Veggietales sitting in a tall chair from a sideways point of view and it is a variation of grays.  On the side of the gravestone are a few blades of grass.  It has a mysterious vibe to it but if I was designing it,  it would look a lot different.  I would have a boy standing on the sidewalk looking at a knife and have a fading hand on his shoulder.

My theme is…   When the world walks out a true friend walks in.  Bod makes a new friend every time he gets in a bad situation.    His first friend is Mrs. Owens who soon becomes his mother.  She takes him in when his family dies and their murder is on the loss looking for Bod.  When Bod gets arrested for being rude to Mo Silas helps him get out of it.


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In my book The Graveyard Book the plot structure is most like the rivalry plot line.  In the rivalry plot is when the characters are trying to find each other in a different way.  One character is going uphill to find the information one is going down hill.  In my story Bod is trying to find Jack.  Jack is also trying to find Bod.  Jack is trying to find Bod all over London but it turns out that he was just were he left him in the graveyard.  Jack is trying to kill Bod because he was supposed to kill him and all his old friends.  Bod is trying to find Jack because he killed his family.  Another conflict in my story is revenge.  Jack is trying to kill Bod the entire time because he thinks that Bod is going to kill him.  Bod is trying to kill Jack because he killed his family.  The rival plot line is when one of the main characters is driven to want to hurt or kill the other one because they did something in the past that the character didn’t like or kill someone they were very close too.  The last plot structure that I’m going to talk about is discovery.  The discovery plot line consists of: as you go through out the story you start to find things about your past or something that happened to you that you didn’t know about.  In my book Bod is trying to find out who killed his parents and who did it.  When he learns he wants to go after them and learn more about his family.

The main conflict in my book is Man vs Man.  It’s man vs man because it is Jack vs Bod.  The entire book Jack is trying to find Bod and Bod is trying to find Jack.  They both want the other one dead thanks to Bods family.  The book has lots of little conflicts that prepare Bod for Jack.  One conflict that I liked a lot was when he learned how to fade.  In the story his friend really wants a gravestone so he goes and finds it for her.  His plan was to buy one but when he goes to get it the man at the shop kidnapped him.  He had to learn to fade to get out.  He does with the help of his witch friend Eliza.  Another of my favorite little conflicts is when he learns to dream walk.  He is trying to scare a bully at his school and he does.

But my all time favorite part is when Scarlet and Bod fight the Jacks of all trades.  Scarlet’s charter is known to be brave and always thinks she is in trouble.  She also don’t need anyone she just wants a friend. But she trusts Bod and he shoves her in to a whole in the ground with lots a scary ghosts.  While Bod fights the Jacks of many trades Scarlet has to stand in a whole and wait for them.  Another reason I love that part is because it is the climax.  All of the things that Bod has learned come back and help him defeat the Jack of all trades.  That is why it is my favorite part.


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In my book The Graveyard Book my main characters name is bod.  The main character is the person who is faced with the conflict and must find the solution.  The problem in my book is that bod is not safe and wants to go outside.  Bod is the main character because he is the point of view that we are following around.  He is also the only one who is faced with the big problem.  A few of the minor characters are Miss Lupez, Mr. and Mrs. Owens.  Mrs and Mr Owens are Bods parents but Silas is is guardian.  Bod goes to them in times of distress or when Silas isn’t there. Wikipedia States “A supporting character is a character in a narrative that is not focused on by the primary story-line, but appears or is mentioned in the story enough ” is what a minor character is.  All the characters that I stated are in the book over and over.  Bod talks to his parents all the time in the book.  Miss Lupez is his substitute gardien.  She makes him do things and takes care of Bod when Silas can’t.

The dictionary tells us that static charters are “lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.”  but in a book a static character does not change.   Another thing that the dictionary stated was that it was an adjective. One of my characters that doesn’t change is Mrs Owens.  She is only worried about Bod’s safety.  She doesn’t change at all but most of the characters don’t change in my book their ghosts and there job is not to change.  Round characters do change.  “By contrast, round characters are complex and undergo development, sometimes sufficiently to surprise the reader.” tell us that.  One of my round characters is Silas.  He is constantly changing his mind. At first he don’t want Bod to go out but 50 pages later Bod is going to school under the influence of  Silas.  20 pages later Bod is again forbidden to go outside of the graveyard.  The Protagonist or main charater is the person in the story who wants change.  My protagonist is Bod.  He wants to find the person who killed his family.  Everyone else wants him to be safe.

Antagonists are the people staining in the way of change.  The Antagonist in my story is Silas.  He doesn’t want bod to find Jack (the killer).  He keeps the information away from him and makes sure he doesn’t find it. “The nemsis is the is a long standing rival; an archenemy.” The dictionary says.  The only person in this story who is a long lasting problem is Jack.  He killed Bods parents and sister.  He is the person that Bod can never get to.  Sidekicks can fulfill one or multiple functions, such as a counterpoint to the hero. Is what Wikipedia had to say about a side kick.  Bods sidekick is Scarlet.  She is always Bods friend.  In the beginning of the book Scarlet and Box play together in the graveyard.  Scarlett and Box have adventures all the time.  In the middle of the book Scarlett comes to Bod and tells him to just be her friend and she is.  When Bod is older and stars to try and learn who Jack is Scarlet helps him.

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