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In my book The Graveyard Book the plot structure is most like the rivalry plot line.  In the rivalry plot is when the characters are trying to find each other in a different way.  One character is going uphill to find the information one is going down hill.  In my story Bod is trying to find Jack.  Jack is also trying to find Bod.  Jack is trying to find Bod all over London but it turns out that he was just were he left him in the graveyard.  Jack is trying to kill Bod because he was supposed to kill him and all his old friends.  Bod is trying to find Jack because he killed his family.  Another conflict in my story is revenge.  Jack is trying to kill Bod the entire time because he thinks that Bod is going to kill him.  Bod is trying to kill Jack because he killed his family.  The rival plot line is when one of the main characters is driven to want to hurt or kill the other one because they did something in the past that the character didn’t like or kill someone they were very close too.  The last plot structure that I’m going to talk about is discovery.  The discovery plot line consists of: as you go through out the story you start to find things about your past or something that happened to you that you didn’t know about.  In my book Bod is trying to find out who killed his parents and who did it.  When he learns he wants to go after them and learn more about his family.

The main conflict in my book is Man vs Man.  It’s man vs man because it is Jack vs Bod.  The entire book Jack is trying to find Bod and Bod is trying to find Jack.  They both want the other one dead thanks to Bods family.  The book has lots of little conflicts that prepare Bod for Jack.  One conflict that I liked a lot was when he learned how to fade.  In the story his friend really wants a gravestone so he goes and finds it for her.  His plan was to buy one but when he goes to get it the man at the shop kidnapped him.  He had to learn to fade to get out.  He does with the help of his witch friend Eliza.  Another of my favorite little conflicts is when he learns to dream walk.  He is trying to scare a bully at his school and he does.

But my all time favorite part is when Scarlet and Bod fight the Jacks of all trades.  Scarlet’s charter is known to be brave and always thinks she is in trouble.  She also don’t need anyone she just wants a friend. But she trusts Bod and he shoves her in to a whole in the ground with lots a scary ghosts.  While Bod fights the Jacks of many trades Scarlet has to stand in a whole and wait for them.  Another reason I love that part is because it is the climax.  All of the things that Bod has learned come back and help him defeat the Jack of all trades.  That is why it is my favorite part.


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In my book The Graveyard Book my main characters name is bod.  The main character is the person who is faced with the conflict and must find the solution.  The problem in my book is that bod is not safe and wants to go outside.  Bod is the main character because he is the point of view that we are following around.  He is also the only one who is faced with the big problem.  A few of the minor characters are Miss Lupez, Mr. and Mrs. Owens.  Mrs and Mr Owens are Bods parents but Silas is is guardian.  Bod goes to them in times of distress or when Silas isn’t there. Wikipedia States “A supporting character is a character in a narrative that is not focused on by the primary story-line, but appears or is mentioned in the story enough ” is what a minor character is.  All the characters that I stated are in the book over and over.  Bod talks to his parents all the time in the book.  Miss Lupez is his substitute gardien.  She makes him do things and takes care of Bod when Silas can’t.

The dictionary tells us that static charters are “lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.”  but in a book a static character does not change.   Another thing that the dictionary stated was that it was an adjective. One of my characters that doesn’t change is Mrs Owens.  She is only worried about Bod’s safety.  She doesn’t change at all but most of the characters don’t change in my book their ghosts and there job is not to change.  Round characters do change.  “By contrast, round characters are complex and undergo development, sometimes sufficiently to surprise the reader.” tell us that.  One of my round characters is Silas.  He is constantly changing his mind. At first he don’t want Bod to go out but 50 pages later Bod is going to school under the influence of  Silas.  20 pages later Bod is again forbidden to go outside of the graveyard.  The Protagonist or main charater is the person in the story who wants change.  My protagonist is Bod.  He wants to find the person who killed his family.  Everyone else wants him to be safe.

Antagonists are the people staining in the way of change.  The Antagonist in my story is Silas.  He doesn’t want bod to find Jack (the killer).  He keeps the information away from him and makes sure he doesn’t find it. “The nemsis is the is a long standing rival; an archenemy.” The dictionary says.  The only person in this story who is a long lasting problem is Jack.  He killed Bods parents and sister.  He is the person that Bod can never get to.  Sidekicks can fulfill one or multiple functions, such as a counterpoint to the hero. Is what Wikipedia had to say about a side kick.  Bods sidekick is Scarlet.  She is always Bods friend.  In the beginning of the book Scarlet and Box play together in the graveyard.  Scarlett and Box have adventures all the time.  In the middle of the book Scarlett comes to Bod and tells him to just be her friend and she is.  When Bod is older and stars to try and learn who Jack is Scarlet helps him.

Parent teacher conference blog post

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Dear Mom or Dad,  I am reading The Graveyard Book in my English class.  Here is a link for some of what we have been doing inside class. I’m currently on page 135.  In the  20 minutes of in-class reading time, I read about 40 pages In those 20 minutes, I read about 100% of the time.  It will take me about 14 more in class reading times to finish the book.  Or 6 pages everyday.

During class I’m good right now because I don’t really like who I am sitting by.  When I am with my friend I’m some what helpful I try to help people with their work.  But when I’m with certain friend I pay no attention.  That is not the case in English.

I’m doing good in all my scores.  I turned in my WE THE PEOPLE paper and now have an a in History.  My English grade has stayed an A the inter year so far.  I have ether 100 or higher in all my classes.  I loved sitting in the corner because of  who I was sitting by.  I’m putting a picture on here because you have to see that I can so I’m putting a picture of a baby hedgehog.  Thank you for checking how good I am.

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In my  book  The Graveyard Book setting is in a graveyard. The main character’s’ name is nobody.  He is living in a graveyard with his Mom, Dad and Silas. Silas is Bods’ guardian.  He takes care of him and brings him food and water. He sleeps in the chapel in his graveyard.

The graveyard is full of lots of things.  There are tomb stones everywhere.  Bod wanders around the garden at night.  When he meets a girl it is day.  He goes around the graveyard with the girl for a long time during the day.

He lives in a graveyard in London, and London is know to always be dark and look like it’s about to rain.  Bod is hiding from the murder who killed his parents and in the first chapter it tells me that it’s dark and that the moon is full.  The killer tells me that it was also a bit cloudy.

My book’s main character Bod tells me while he is with the girl that it is hot outside which makes me presume that it was summer.  After a page or two of the book the seasons change and the leaves start to turn different colors which tells me that it is autumn.


Declaring my book

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For term one I decided to read The Graveyard Book.  I choose this book because I wanted to read it in 2nd grade but my Mom wouldn’t let me.  I can read it now and decided that it would be a good way to start the year.  I was attracted to it because my brother recommended it to me we like the same kind of books in general and he said that he liked it.  I found it were I left it five years ago, on the mantle.

My author’s name is Neil Gaiman. In my research I found that Neil Gaiman is a voice actor and a British screenwriter.  He writes Dark Fantasy and horror.  He has been married twice to Mary Mcgrath and Amanda Palmer. He was born on November 11,1960, and is currently 56.  He was born is England.  He has 2 daughters and 2 sons.  I can guess that he is going to have something about death and it more than likely is going to be sad.

.Here is a link to his website. 

My book’s intended audience is 10 and up. On the book it states 10+.  In the web page I looked at stated that The Graveyard Book was written for 5th to 8th graders.  My book starts out by telling the audience about a killer.  That tells me that the audience needs to be mature enough for that type of book.  I know from reading the book that bod the main charter’s age changes a lot.  But I know from reading it that he will probable end up at around my age in the end. My book is 325 pages long.

The Graveyard Book by [Gaiman, Neil, McKean, Dave]           Image result for the graveyard book author

my favorite book

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This is my favorite book because  it combines multiple fairy tales and tells you the ordinary people can still have a happily ever after.   This book is 128 pages.   This is a fairy tale.  I recommended it too little girls who love fairy tales and to older girls who want to have their own happily ever after.

Writing hour

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• What was your word count when you started writing today?

• What was your word count at the end of Writing Hour?

• What new scenes did you add and/or what revisions did you complete?

I stated the biography and learned about Donald kids
• Give a three to four sentence summary of what has happened in your story to this point

Donald has 3 wives. Each one of his wife’s has at least one child. What his child was and who they are married to.


Donald Trump Biography

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1. What idea are you working on this term?

I’m writing about Donald Trump

2. How did you come up with this idea?

My brother loves him
3. What research did you do today to make your writing better?

Learned about is life and what he did.
4. On a scale of 1 to 4, how would you rate yourself as far as staying on task and using your time wisely?

We stayed on task and talking about Donald.
5. How would you rate your group members?

All of us were writing and talking about what I was writing about. So a 4
6. Is this a project you want to continue working on, or do you think you’ll be starting a new project soon?

Yes, It is a fascinating subject.  He is not as bad as everyone says. I’m learning a lot of things I didn’t know.  I also learned that I would love to be his child.

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