Small Improvements and 1% Gains

Lately, I’ve been being overwhelmed with all the things going on in my life, with school, homework, and other activities only adding to it. So it’s about time I start organizing and just focusing on the small improvements. I take harp lessons, and it’d be a good idea for me to start really practicing every single day. Even if I don’t complete everything on the lesson plan, I can still just do my warm-ups each day. Additionally, I want to try to read, write, and draw every single day. All three of them are things I love to do, but I feel that I don’t get much time to do them. Even if I just write a sentence every day, draw a small picture, or read a couple pages, overtime it’ll add up and my skills in each of those areas can improve. So I’m making my goal to: practice harp, read, write, and draw every single day. This way, even if I miss something sometimes, I will still be able to improve.

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