Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

When Atticus told Scout that she should climb into there skin he was meaning somthing like you should look at what someone else is going through and you should look at the challenges that thye are facing and put yourself in there shoes or skin to see how it is effecting them and you. This is not illegal because you are not accually taking there skin and putting it on your body, instead it is figurativy in that sense. This will help her get along with many other people because she will be alble to see hat they are going through an she can help them get through those things. Yes i do do this. I do this because it helps me see wat the people that i may be judging are going through and how i may be able to help them. I think that this idea is a very good idea and that we all should start using this more often in our lives.


To me Empathy is when you are able to show someone that you care about them and you can relate to them and how they feel. People need to have empathy ¬†because if they don’t have t others won’t have it for them when they need it. You can get it when you treat others with more respect then they had ever had. In the past I was talking to some of my friends and they were talking about how they felt like no one in the world was really caring for them. It made me feel like I was going to lose them to something that I know no one in the world should ever go through. So Ijust had them sit down and talk and cry and talk some more and eventually they started to think that there was accually people in our cold world that had a genune care for them.

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

I think that I did a fairly decent job in the first semester of this year. I belive that one of the things that I was able to do really well in this class was participation. I think that participation was deffinatly one of the best things for me because even if I was not doing all that good that day I would try to do my best on everything that I did. I also think that I did really good on things like typing. But some of the things that I really had a hard time with were things like realating my writing eassy’s to what it aqually had to do with. I think that I also had a hard time with reading. The big goal that i’m going to set is for me to start reading more often so that I can become a better writer and reader at the same time.

Design Thinking

I honestly think that this design process is a huge help for everyone that likes to do/make or do anything with your hands or your brain. This process helps us all understand what we all can do to make things better we are all able to make things work better in certain things. By having people give us a response to things that they think we all could do better to make it work more towords their needs. This makes it so that they don’t waste their time reading the things that I post or do for them. We are all able to make little changes like this to help our needs and others for the better. I think that this process will help me down the road because it will make it so that I am able to look at what i’m doing wrong and make it better to help myself out.Displaying Design Thinking.jpg

Promoting Change

It is our responsibility to promote change in society because if we did not no one in the world would ever do it. So to promote change we all needto take charge and say no that isn’t right. We should be doing that because if we dont then no one will, the government doesn’t care about how society is doing these kind of things. Under what circumstances? By this I mean that when you think that it is important to stand up and say things that we think that are right because if we do not stand up they will just keep doing the things that we think are wrong and nothing will ever change in the world.¬†

Thanksgiving Words of the Week

This story begins a couple of years ago when my family and me went to me grnadmothers house. When the family car arrived into my granmothers drive way. when we all found our way into our rooms. ONce wea ll got our things into our rooms I decided to go down staris and try to find my Recluseive cousins. I found one of them sitting in a room all by his self and playing with two little cars and he told me that i should go away and never come back to his little hiding spot. After a couple of hours of hanging around all of the cousins and having a good time, We all heard grandmother yelling, “Come and Get it!” after she yelled that a couple of times we all came running like a little heard of devils going after on little tiny saint. Once I got inside I looked around at all of the repungant food that made me want to vomit all over it, except the mashed potatoes. Lets just say that because of may bad taste in food i only had mashed potaoes for that thanksgiving meal. After the meal me and my famliy had to travel back to my other grandparents for the next meal that we were going to have. I just about died on that thanksgiving day with all of the food that i had to eat.

The search for a perfect book

The book that has really jumped out at me is the “Dead End in Norvelt” I dont know wha kind of genre it is but I think that it is a fiction book. The reson that it sounded so good to me is because when the book cover showes a sign that really sayes dead end i get sucked into things that are like when people have to survive on there own and they don’t have any conection to the outside world. I just think that they are really quite funny and sometimes some of the hardest things to read. Some people that i think would like to read this book are people that are really into reading about fiction and other things like that.

How I Define Equality

I would say that I define equality in a very different way then most people do. Equality for me would mean that every single person on the earth would be just like the other in every single way. Everyone would be the same, hieght, weight, eye color, hair color, jobs, money amount made, everyone on the earth would be the exact same as everyone else on earth. Just look at the twins in the picture below everyone would have to look like these two. For people to be equal like in the declaration of independence it says the all men are createed equal. Basically that means that all men are free and no colored man will be brought down from on another. Really the only kind of Equality that I would like to see is something like all schools get the same budget all over the state so that all of the schools can be nice and not only like one or two in a county. Also i would like to see people that get the amount of money that they earn not being equal but the are the ones that go out and work then they get the amount of money that they deseve i think that everyone should have the equal chance to get a good job and other things like that.


Well the story begins whith me and my friends on a cool, dark, windy Halloween night. I was walking and talking with my friends when I all of a sudden I heard a soft sound coming from behind us. I slowely turned around and there was nothing there. So I turned around and just kept walking and began to talk with them again. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. suddenly i heard another sound coming from behind me. So I decided that i should turn around and see what it was. All that I could see was a small thing in the shadow that was crouched down just sitting there looking straight at me. So I quickly turned to my friends and told them to look behind us and see what was there. They all turned at the same time and to my surprise there was nothing there. So we all just kept walking and talking to each other. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. After about five or so minutes my friends Lando heard something coming from behind us, As he turned to look he didn’t say anything at all. After a few seconds he told me that i should turn and look at what was coming at us. So i did there was nothing there at all. Later that night we saw somthing out in frount of us. We all stoped as the figure that was standing underneath the broken lampost began to turn and face us. Then from behind we heard a small sound that began to say welcome to your death, welcome to your death, welcome to your death, welcome to your death.

The Sticky issue of Equality

We are never in any of our lives going to be equal. Because for us to all be equal we would all have to be the same hight same gender same weight same eye color same hair color and many many other things that would have to be the exact thing. If we were all to be equal in my eyes they would have to basically manufacture our own people to do things so that it isn’t equal. Plus if you think about it if the government were to make everything equal they would have to make it so that they people that have been working in a certain job for their whole life would get the same amount of pay as someone that had just gotten into the occupation. Our government could easily make all of the people of the usa equal but they really shouldn’t because that would make the whole thing with people that work hard and dont just sit around and do nothing all day these people would not benifit from something like this. The only people in the world that would really benifit from every one becoming equal are the people that are holmelss and need money but they don’t try hard enough to change their lives around and get a job and become more like the people in the world that work the trash off to get somehwere in life. So no we aren’t really equal and we probably wont ever be equal. Our rights will all ways be equal unless you comitt a crime and have those right taken awy from you.