An authority on Courage-Monte Dalton

I can see that you have been going through some pretty hard things that you may not know how to get through on your own. ¬†What have you been going through? I have been going through things like trying to decide weather or not to ask this girl to marry me and dont really know how to tell if she would like me to do that. M I think that you should ask of your god to make it known unto you weather or not you should ask her to marry you because if you don’t ask then how are you to know if you should. When I was going to ask my wife for her hand unto marrige i first went unto her father and asked her if he would alowe me to marry her. This is the first thing that you should do. I also think that you need to pray unto god and he will make it known unto you if you should or not. Then get enough courage and just ask with all of your heart if she will marry you.

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