Love Moderately

In this little passage that Friar Lawrence is saying that it isn’t a great time for both Juliet or Romeo but that it is still there decision.I agree with what he said because, Juliet is way to young and isn’t at a good age to get married. Romeo may be at a good age to get married but Juliet is to young at the age of 13. I think that Romeo and Juliet will maybe talk about his advice but they won’t take his advice and will still get married that same day. I feel like they will get married and then they will get a lot of crap from him.


Why do we all hate and judge people so much? Just cause someone may seem better and maybe a prep or one of those stereotypes doesn’t mean that we can hate them. When I have hated something or someone it normally isn’t for a good reason at all. When I hate something is when I am bad at it and don’t think that I can get better at it or if someone bothers me and is annoying then I guess I could say that I hate them. But instead of hating someone and holding a grudge with someone with should try and see what they might be going through or see if we can get to know them better then we already do. But if it is something challenging for you don’t just give up on it keep trying until you get better at it.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare

I believe that schools should still teach Shakespeare. They should keep teaching it because he had a lot of good things that he would talk about in all of his plays and books. Even though a lot of his plays are either very racial or have a lot of language in them, we already here a lot of those things in our hallways already. Also reading all of his books and plays can help us with english because he was a very good and educated writer. Lastly it helps us see how much our society has changed since the time of Shakespeare.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

What I have learned from this assignment is that we really don’t know a lot about the people we think we might know. I thought that I knew the person that I had interviewed pretty well but really there was a lot that I didn’t know about her. What this helps me understand is that we really need to know the person we are talking about before we can judge them. We all have judged someone that we don’t know and then we have found that we really like them. So I challenge you all to make sure you have talked to the person multiple times and know there challenges before you start judging them.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Won’t

Since the beginning of the year I fell like I have been able to achieve lots of goals. One of the goals that I made for this second semester was to be better at listening and turning things in on time. I fell like I did a lot better on this during the second semester. Also, one thing that I feel like I really improved on was my essays writing. I did a lot better with my essays. Instead of just getting a B on my essays I normally got A’s. Lastly, I am going to keep working on these things so I can get even better at them.

What Makes a Person Great?

I think that there are many things that can and can’t make a great person. I believe that to be a great person you can’t just think about yourself and not really care about others that acutally care about you. Some of the things are humble, kind, grateful, loving, has integrety, tries hard, cares about what they are doing. Those are just some of the things. I think that some of the things that make someone not a great person would be like not caring, thinks nothing really matters, doesn’t want to do the right things, likes to bully people, just an all around mean person that doesn’t really care about others.

To Kill a Mockingbird review

The book “To Kill a Mockingbird” is about a family. But mostly it is about a brother and sister and the adventures that they go on together. They also meet this kid named dill and become friends with him and they all go on adventures and share the same interests and are curious about there neighbor down the street. They also get very interested about the brother and sisters fathers trial. The kids names were Jem and Scout, their fathers name was Atticus. The man that Atticus is defending name is Tom Robinson. If you want to know more go ahead and read the book.

The movie and the book are very alike in my opinion. There is points where something that wasn’t in the book happened but it doesn’t happen very often. I liked the movie more then the book. I liked the movie more because it put an image in my head for what Atticus looked like, and what Scout and Jem looked like. It just made it a lot easier for me. But the book was still really good and if you are going to watch the movie I would recommend reading the book first so that the movie makes sense.

Good Stuff

“If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get a long together? If they’re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?” What this quote is saying is that, why can’t everybody just get a long we are all human beings. Everyone on this earth is just about the same on this earth, except for the color of there skin, and does that have to make such a big difference in our lives? Do they not deserve the same rights just cause they are a different color? No they deserve everything that everyone else has.

An Authority on Courage – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was a man that had no fear whatsoever. He was always trying to give blacks there freedom. When he was trying to do this he put himself and lots of others in bad situations that could hurt themselves or possible have been killed. Never the less he pushed forward until he had achieved his goal of getting there freedom. He later on would achieve and get him and blacks rights that they had never had in America. He was killed a little bit after that but although he had died he had showed courage to everyone that had known him.

Real Courage

Towards the end of chapter 11 in the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird” there is a part that talks about what real courage is and how it is when you say something and you won’t stop working until you have finished and done what you said you would do. Sometimes you still won’t be able to finish it but no matter what you keep working for it. The definition of courage to me is when you believe in your heart and mind that you will be able to do something even if it sounds hard. This example from the book relates to me cause i have to have courage in my basketball games.