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There baring tourist for 6 months because the military will take over the area. tourism the main source of income for inhabitants the Philippines is starting to suffer. water is running in to the sea, and going to undertake a huge cleanup of them. All people that are coming have to show ID because it is dangerous. Because the environment is being effected so badly, the economy there is being effected as well. Billions of dollars were made last year and now it is all going to stop flowing to the country because the water there is very dirty.

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There was a king in the country. His name was King Barabas. He was a terrible ruler and wouldn’t feed the people of the city. Then one day, he died and then a Guava tree where he died. Because the fruit was so bitter on the outside the people had to learn to eat it anyway. The fruit was the reason the people lived after the king had died. Because he was so cruel, the people thought that the king was making up for it by dying and the tree growing. To this day Guava is still known as a very healthy fruit with many heath benefits. The people of the Philippines think that this is why the fruit is so bitter and why it is so healthy for them.

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The population of The Philippines is about 103.3 million people. Most of the population lives in Manila. It has 1,780,148 people. Manila is a high tourist attraction in The Philippines. The languages spoken there are English and Filipino. Them Philippines produce things such as bananas, rice corn, pineapple, and coffee. Most of the country’s religion is Roman Catholic. Just like the US, it is a constitutional republic. They have one soul island or city that rules the country as a whole and a president as well.


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I picked the Phillippines as my country. I picked it because it has a pretty cool name and I want to go there some day. It has has more than 7000 islands. It’s on the southeast side of Asia. Do they celebrate the same holidays as us?

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