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The “Origin of Lake Toba” explains how lake Toba became a lake. The story starts with a man who lives on his own in the middle of Toba valley. One day, he goes fishing and gets surprised with a talking fish. The fish tells him that she can transform to a human if he agrees to marry her and she can give him a son, as long as he never tells anyone she is actually a fish. He agrees, and they live a happy life with two sons. One day, as the wife was preparing to bring her family lunch and water while they were working, she injures herself in the kitchen. She takes awhile because of her wound, so he husband gets inpatient and yells at his son that he is stupid for marrying a fish. She becomes a fish again and her tears filled up the lake for what it is today.

I believe the moral of the story is that you should always be patient with your spouse and remember all the good that they do. The man’s wife brought him and his sons food everyday for years, and the one time that she takes to long because of an accident he freaks out and doesn’t love her anymore. We need to not let so much tension occur just because of one mistake.

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  1. Is this your story post? Blog #2 is background information, Blog #3 is your news article post, and Blog #4 is your story.

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