How am i dealing with the Coronavirus stuff

How i’m dealing with my boredom is nothing i’ve tried to become closer with my sister and it has worked. But sometimes she’s really annoying so i just stay in my room. But yesterday was my birthday and it was kinda fun even though i did nothing so that wasn’t the best but it was still a good birthday. Every Monday and Thursday i go to a speed training so that’s the only time i’ve gone to somewhere other than my house. But sometimes i’m at my best friends house so i’ve gone to 3 houses other than my own. But i’m just bored all the time so i try to distract myself so i’m not so bored.

Strange Fruit

When i first started reading Strange Fruit I didn’t like it because it was super dark and kinda spooky. It kinda hit me more as I read because the more I read the more i got attached to it. My first emotions were like this is super dark and scary but the more i read i felt more sad and I didn’t feel like it was dark anymore i just felt sad. What I think the author was trying to say is how unfair it was for the blacks because they were a different color. When it was talking about the smell how it was sweet and fresh and then the burning smell of human flesh. Were they trying to say that when they were hung did they also burn them? That part of the poem was a little hard to believe.

Blind Spots

I think Atticus is right when he talk about how people have blind spots just like the rest of us, to me i feel like what “blind spots” are like some mistakes or bad things people can do. I know everyone is a good person but of someone does something bad doesn’t make them the worst person on the planet for it. Yes people do bad things but still everyone makes mistake and that could mean a blind spot. If someone make’s a mistake they could of possibly done it blindly like they didn’t mean to do that mistake like they didn’t mean for that to happen.

Real Courage

When Atticus talks about courage he says “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.  I think that’s a great way to say what courage is, but i like how he says courage is a man with a gun in his hand. I feel like courage to me is someone standing up for another person or saying i don’t want to do this because of this. When someone stands up for someone i think it takes a lot of courage because if someones getting bullied and you see it happen and know you need to stop it i think it takes a lot of courage. How i’ve seen courage in my life is my mom my mom is pretty awesome. When my stepdad would get mad at me and my sister she’ll take the blame for us and when she did it effected how my stepdad did and said to us. When she took the blame he took it out on her and got mad at her and not us because we didn’t this thing right or how he wanted it. For me i think that took a lot of courage.


If your going to do something even though you know your not going to success at I think you should still work hard for it even though somethings put ourselves into danger, sometimes doing it is the right thing. If you feel like your going to do good on something but just feel like you’re going to fail you should still work hard for something even though you’re going to fail. Like how Atticus is going to defend a black guy and he knows he’s going to fail but he’s still going to defend him and do all he can even though people don’t like it or just don’t agree with what he’s putting himself into.


Busy worrying about the next world

How i feel about Miss Maudie being so religious is it feels like my mom. My mom is so outgoing with the church she reminds me of how she acts and talk about her religion. But I feel like what she is trying to say is that there are kinda like 2 people in this world of how they feel about there religion. I think the first person is like so outgoing and believes hardcore into what they want to believe. Second person to me feels like the people just don’t care what people have to say about it or just don’t think its true.

Climbing into Another Person’s Skin

What climbing into another person’s skin really mean to me is looking another persons point of view or look through there point of view to the world. But honestly i feel like if someone actually did that has got to be pretty gross and like a horror movie. How it could help is understanding what there view is and maybe seeing how we shouldn’t just understand what there view looks like on the point of thing. I feel like i do this sometimes but honestly i think i should do that more and understand why they feel that way and not just looking my point of view, because i always never see how there looking at it and seeing how i should understand them more.

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Where I’m From?

I’m not really sure where I come from but I know that I was born in Provo Utah so I guess that’s pretty cool. Honestly I wish I wasn’t born in Utah because i feel like if i was born in like California or out of state like somewhere cool i’d love to brag and say yeah i was born in like Flordia, but sometimes i’m glad that i was born in Utah because if i wasn’t then i feel like i wouldn’t move to Utah and I never would have met my friends. I live in Utah because my mom’s dad moved here because of the navy and my dad was just born in Utah so they’ve lived in Utah there whole life. My grandpa still lives in Utah and same with the other side of my family. I’m not really sure why we’d live in pleasant grove but it’s because my mom always says how much she loves pleasant grove.

Getting To Know My Inner Voice

My inner voice is very annoying because while i’m reading i think about everything else in the world besides what i’m reading, it’s like i can never understand a book because of the way my inner voice is so distracting. For me to understand what i’m reading i have to have someone read it or if that doesn’t work i have to read it over again until i get it. It’s when i read it’s like there’s something blocking something in my head so then i can’t understand what i reading and then i get confused and my inner voice just doesn’t help at all


What Would I Miss Most?

If i were living in the The Great Depression I would really miss my life as a 14 year old because of all of the things that i have today. I would really miss playing soccer the most because soccer is my life. I’d miss a lot of things, I don’t think i could ever live in the 30’s because it just seems so horrible. I feel like my whole world would be different like i think i wouldn’t have my friends that i have today. Maybe i wouldn’t have my dogs or anything that i have today, but what i’d really miss the most is soccer everyday and my house and everything that i have.

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