Strange Fruit

When i first started reading Strange Fruit I didn’t like it because it was super dark and kinda spooky. It kinda hit me more as I read because the more I read the more i got attached to it. My first emotions were like this is super dark and scary but the more i read i felt more sad and I didn’t feel like it was dark anymore i just felt sad. What I think the author was trying to say is how unfair it was for the blacks because they were a different color. When it was talking about the smell how it was sweet and fresh and then the burning smell of human flesh. Were they trying to say that when they were hung did they also burn them? That part of the poem was a little hard to believe.

One thought on “Strange Fruit

  1. There actually were more than a few instances where the people were burned as well as being hanged. Sad, but true.

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