I’m A Big Kid Now

Ppfffft. This year sucks, I haven’t grown as a person, I’ve literally just been sitting in my room all day playing with a beach ball. I have however accomplished one thing, I did a skills video for softball. Even though im a freshman and can’t get recruited yet, It’s still good for me to get out there. The only thing I plan to work on is softball, it’s the only thing I care about. I don’t think i’ve changed much since the beginning of the school year either. I didn’t make any promising freind friends, but it’s fine, I look forward to the rest of the year.

How I’m dealing With this Covid-19 stuff

One, how I am keeping myself busy. I’m not, I am literally going insane staying in my house all day. The only thing I’ve been doing the past couple weeks is watching netflix, and i’m positive i’ve already seen all the shows atleast once. As for managing school work, not well. You can tell because all my recent posts are only an hour apart from each other, I am a speedy child. Am I nervous for the future? No, what happens, happens, but I am mad about all the sports being canceled, that was big dumb. How am I coming back to school smarter than when I left, I won’t, school doesn’t define how smart you are, neither does grades. So, now that I don’t any sports to do, I have nothing to keep me motivated to “get smarter.”



Harlem Response

I honestly don’t know what was going on with that poem. There where so many different sayings and meanings and it really didn’t make any sense to me. I looked up what the meaning was about ( WWII ) and still nothing clicked in my brain about it. Overall I do think that the writing was pretty good, it was decently written but apparently it’s got some important meaning that I don’t understand at all. Someone shed some light please? Becuase all of this is nonesense.

Blind Spots

In chapter 15 Atticus talks about how Cunningham has a blind spot like everyone else even though he is a good man.  I think what this means is that he was just following the crowd. Even though he was a good person he was making the wrong decision by going to the jail with the other men. So basically all he was doing was what everyone else was doing because he didn’t want to be seen as someone who likes black people, and didn’t want to be seen as the odd one out.


Strange Fruit Repsonse

I don’t really know how to feel about this poem. I really liked the way the writer worded and hinted that it was about a black person being lynched. It’s kind of a pretty poem in a way, I feel like they made it a bit more gorey and gross than you’d think it’d be based on the poem title. Other than it talking about blood being everywhere on the tree and such, it’s overall a good written poem, and I think it has a lot of meaning behind it.


Real Courage

I think this definition of courage is interesting. I think of courage as doing something hard, or something that takes a lot of bravery. What Mrs. Dubose did was pretty couragous I guess, but it wasn’t like, life saving, or anything like that. I can’t think of anything really couragous, other than the time I got up to bat as a pinch hitter, that took a lot of courage. I ended up getting out on a line drive anyways, but I still went up to the batter box and atleast tried.



I do think it’s worth putting his family through. I mean the people should know that the man needs a lawyer, he can’t just not have one. I personally woudn’t do it, one because i’m bad at arguing and two because I don’t think they would’ve listened to a woman back then anyways. I have done things that I thought I couldn’t do, like catching, I had to learn to be a catcher in 2 months for my team, because if I didn’t we wouldn’t have one. It was super hard, but in the end it all worked out pretty well, and now my team has a catcher.


Busy Worrying About the Next World

I think what she’d trying to tell Scout is that if you get so caught up in religion and abiding every rule instead of being happy, then you’re worrying to much about where you’ll be going in the after life, and you’re not worrying enough about your own happiness. I’ve met a lot of people who are like this, especially mormons (i’m not mormon myself, my dad is very religious though) but I’ve seen them tell other people that don’t even believe in the same thing that what they’re doing is wrong and it isn’t the way of god.  Also I think that the missionaries that are sent to people’s houses to “convert” them to our religion is kind of weird, because if the person they went to cared enough about it they would seek it out themselves, it’s also kind of annoying because everytime they come over I have to make them food, and we didn’t offer.


Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

By telling Scout to climb into someone elses skin and walk around in it, he’s telling her to try and see from other people’s poit of view. This will help her because it will make her think and consider other people’s experiences, and what they’ve been through, and what they know. Personally, yes I do this, not all the time, like if someone I just met told me someone else was mean and said nasty things, I wouldn’t believe it tell I see or heard it from them. I think this is a good way to get to know the people you talk to and get to learn a lot about them.


Where I’m From

All I really know is that my mom is French Canadian and my dad is just European. As for how we ended up in Pleasant Grove, I do not know. We left Nevada to live in Utah, for whatever reason, we lived in vernal, then here, eagle mountain, and then we’re moving back here for school. Most of my siblings where born in Nevada, me, my older sister, my older brother, and my younger sister. The only sibling that was born in Utah was my little brother. So basically we all come from Nevada, and that’s about it.


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