On Not Being Seen

Misery and grief want to spread and infect others. When you’re arguing why do you keep arguing? Feelings spread, like when you are happy it can make others happy. Conor was just a student at school and then things happened to his mum, and then everyone figured it out and put it all on him. Then Harry makes him invisible, but Conor does want to be seen, but all the intention he has been having because of his mum. The monster wants Conor to see things that can help him improve and see things in a new way. After all of this stuff happening he wants to be punished so everything can seem balanced out.

Belief – The Second Tale

Earlier in the book it talked about there not being a good guy. Everyone has their flaws because nobody is perfect. We believe in things all the time. What we “know” we also believe. When someone throws that stuff away then you giving up on things you “know”/believe. The parson is a religious man and he threw away so much of what makes us human. People argue over stuff they “know” or believe because they believe it is true. Conor believes his mom can be healed, but others seem to believe/”know” that she will die. Conor doesn’t want her to die, and nobody else does.

There is not Always a Good Guy

The monster said that there is not always a good guy. Maybe he said this because nobody is perfect and their intentions aren’t actually the good choice. Maybe the monster wanted him to have the story so he could do what he wants with what he heard. Maybe the monster has a specific intention to help itself instead of having Conor be helped in his sad life. Maybe the monster will use Conor as his puppet. Stories can be used to do more than just teach lessons, they can twist others into doing something they wouldn’t really do. The monster could be using him.

The Book Thief Film Review

What the movie did well: The movie was good at showing how life was like in Germany during the war. The also did music from the accordion well.

What the movie did poorly: They left out a lot of scenes that truly make the story, like Max being a boxer and him dreaming of beating up Hitler, Liesel and Hans drinking champagne, Rudy and Liesel helping to steal food, Rudy and Liesel stealing food from a kid riding on his bike, and many others.

Ways the movie was like the book: They had Max leaving his family for safety and other few scenes that are key to the story. The personalities of the characters were about the same as the ones in the book.

Ways the movie was not like the book: Didn’t have all the scenes from the book that made the story. It had the stuff to show the story, but it didn’t have the stuff that really made the message of the story.

What I thought of the movie overall: I really didn’t like the movie, because it left out too much from the book that made the story better. I liked the book way more than the movie.

How I Survive Hard Things

When hard times come I just keep going because I know there are good times to come. I survive hard things by listening to music, eating, doing fun things with my family and friends. I haven’t had to many “hard times” in my life. When hard times come you need to look for the good feelings you’ve had and keep going because you want to feel the good again. I like to have fun so I try to always have fun, even when I have had a hard day. I like to play with my two youngest siblings because they are little kids that always try to get what makes them feel happy.

A Little Light in the Darkness (Spoiler)

I think that the positive really did outweigh the negative in this story. Yes it is a sad story, and yes it swears a lot, but I thought it was a good book and was worth it to read it. When bad things happen, like when pretty much everyone Liesel knew got blown to smithereens, there can still be light after all the shadow and bad. I did not enjoy all the swearing, and the sadness was, well, sad. Mr. Green chose a good book for us to read, and I think that he should keep doing this book for Popular Literature.

The Power of Words 2

In the Book Thief , Liesel reads an allegory about a girl, seeds, trees, and words. My interpretation of this story is that words are powerful and can have many different meanings. Her words don’t defeat the Nazis but create a path for those who aren’t completely joined up with the Nazis. Her words help others even after the Nazis topple her tree. Words can continue ever since they left your mouth/brain. Words can cause many effects and consequences. When you care for, seek for, and use words you can wield them with great power and inspiration. With consequences to your words, use words wisely.

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

These secrets are like stacks of books or a row of dominoes. If one gets figured out the rest will be learned as well. Sometimes secrets can bring joy, but it could be like a candle being lite and then going out. Secrets leave you in the dark without the light of answers. It may seem good, and might be good, but there will be a loud crash of answers when one of the secrets is figured out. Liesel is only a little girl, so when (not if) one of her secrets is figured out, the rest will come crashing down on her.

The Machinations that Wheel Us There

I think his spoilers are true. He isn’t really a joker. He is Death, not the Disney Hades from Hercules. Yes, I believe Death when he says that all these bad stuff will happen. I feel like I can still enjoy the book and ending if I have already read it because some things are so good that you want to keep doing it. When you reread something you might see something you didn’t see before or get some new insight on some stuff. I personally learned more when I reread something. There can be something you didn’t see before that is very beneficial.

Max Abandoned His Family

Max abandoned his family because someone came to help. Max was with his family when he came. He said only one can come with me. He wants Max to come because they are friends. Max goes and leaves his family, and they get later sent to the death camps. Max is very sad that they couldn’t come. I feel like he made the best decision. If they all stayed they would all go the the death camps. If one of the others went, it would be harder for them continue. Max is a tough guy so he can handle it even though it is hard.