What kind of writer am I?

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I think that when it comes to writing I have trouble writing a short story because I want to make the story very good and have some background, but when there is a specific amount for how many words to write I can’t really just use that many words. I will usually go over how many words are needed. Sometimes I also struggle with how to use specific wording that I am going to use for a subject that is in a story. Other than the things I struggle with I think that I am a pretty good writer that can have some potential energy for writing. I am mainly going to work on how I set up a story and how I end it and work on it until I get better with it.

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Casting Characters

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Related image The actor that would best look the part for Michael Vey would be Zachary Gordon because in the books Michael has dark hair and a bit of a smaller build. In the book says that Michael is skinny and kind of tall and he also Tourettes syndrome. From the description of the book it would seem that Zachary Gordon is just right for the part.

Image result for guy pearce Guy Pearce would best play the character of Dr.Hatch. In the book Dr.Hatch is more of a taller guy with a skinny look. He is said to look serious and sometimes even scary. In past movies Guy pearce has been able to play the characters of men who are serious and strong leaders that will do what they have to, to get what they want.

Related image The actor that could play the part Ostin Liss would be Noah Munck. Noah like Ostin is a bit shorter and in the book it says that Ostin is also a bit of a chubby and bigger kid and in past roles Noah has been able to play parts of characters like that. Ostin is also one of the smartest people in the books he is also Micheals best friend. Noahs personality and look make him just right for the part.

Image result for colton haynes Actor Colton Haynes would play the part of Jack Vranes. In the book it says that jack is a taller guy that is also muscular and Colton has the look that makes him seem like jack. In the book it also says that Jack is Michaels bully but soon turns into his ally. With the way that he looks colton would be the best person for the role of jack.

Term 4

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The book that I am going to read for term for will be Michael Vey: Fall of Hades  which is the sixth book in the series. But for the moment I am reading Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning which is the fifth book, and I am reading it to get to the sixth book. The reason that I chose this book is because I have been reading the series and it is the next book.

 The reading level of my book is ages 12 and up,and I know this because the book itself is more for middle school aged kids. The age of the main character in this book 16.

The author Richard Paul Evans was an award winning clay animator before he became an author. He was also a candidate for state legislature. The book series of  Michael Vey has not been made as a movie but some people say it will be one day. The thing that makes this book special is the fact that even though at a young age the books hero always finds a way to solve the problems and fix what was damaged. The book shows that with leadership and good friends many things are possible. The book series is well known in Utah.

The things that I already know about the main character are what he is like and what he does and why he does it. I know that the reason he does everything in the books is to help others. What I would put in the message in a bottle would be that once again he is going to stop his enemies from doing bad things to others and the world, and that even though there may be challenges he will be able to overcome them with the help of his friends and others.


Reading/Self Evaluation

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For the reading Index Test my score was 1148 which for me is above 8th grade level it is College and Career Ready expectations which is really good because my score is also at the level for 10th grade. This year for Index scores they have all been at least 1100. I feel good when I take the test,and the same goes for reading. The score is something that I also feel good about because it is at the level I need it to be at and it also is above the level for where I need to be.

I did like the way that I did my book report for term 3 because the book that I read was was very interesting. If I could change one thing about my book report it would be how I redrew the cover of the book because when I was drawing it I was a little rushed.  The thing that I really did like about my book was that it was filled with action and it really never got boring, during one page it go a little less interesting but the next page after that was just filled with action from the way it was ending.

The next book that I am going to read for my book report will most likely be Michael Vey 6 and I will be reading  it because I have been reading the series. So when I chose this book I didn’t base it off of something that I heard of when we were doing book reports. But the books that I did hear of did seem interesting but I am just going to read the next book of the series.

Personal Quest

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One challenge I had over come was doing The Dirty Dash Mud Run last summer. It was a challenge because over the course of the run there are multiple obstacles that I had to go through or go over. Over the course the obstacles get harder and more complex. There was one obstacle where I had to jump into a small area of water and swim through it to get to a rope that I had to climb up so that I could reach the top of a small hill. In the middle of the run there is a choice whether you want to do finish the 5k or go on to the 10k. I had chose to finish the 5k, but this summer I am going to try to finish the 10k. Once I had finished the run I had realized that it wasn’t a challenge that I couldn’t finish.

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There was a time last year when me and my family went sledding, and once we had gotten to this park where we usually go I had noticed this hill that was pretty steep. I had told my parents that I was going to go to that hill while they had gone to a smaller one. They took one look at it and told me that it was way to dangerous for me to go down. They made stay with them the whole time to just make sure that I didn’t try to go down the hill. Later that day I saw someone going down the hill, and as I watched them I thought that it must be fun going down that hill. As they had gotten closer to the middle there was a small dip and when that person hit it the went up in the air and crashed. At that moment I realized that it was a good idea that I didn’t go down that hill.


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Christmas Break was good for me, over the break I had spent most of it with my mom and for a few days I had went with my dad. When I was with my mom we went over to my grandparents house to be with our family, we had dinner, played games and watched a movie. Then the day after Christmas I went with my dad. When I was with my dad we spent most of our time at his house, we had also went to the movies.

The book that I am going to read is Michael Vey: Hunt for the Jade Dragon. The book is by Richard Paul Evans.

  www.richardpaulevans.com/ That is the link to the authors page. The reason that I chose this book is because I have read the other books in the series and they were all really good books. The grade level of the book is grades 7-9 and the age range of the book is 12 and up. Here is the link for more Information on the book, www.amazon.com .

One resolution that I have is to help my parents around the house more and help out with my little brother and sister so that they don’t have to do as much as before.


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I am Creative, Smart, Bold, Honest

I am the oldest son in my family, I am there for my siblings when needed

I love my younger brothers and sisters and my parents

I have felt Happy, sad, and angry

I am scared of not succeeding, being forgotten and losing those I love

I have accomplished things in life that seem important to me

I want to see the World, Explore, and Succeed

Home is Utah





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The book that I am reading is The Kill Order. The main object is The Flare. It is a virus that is spreading and it is affecting everyone. As it spreads all around there is a group of characters that are trying to find a way to cure it or protect themselves from it. As they journey they find a little girl that seems to be immune to the virus. The farther they go they start to realize that the way that it has been spreading is by a group of people that have been shooting darts at people and from there it spreads to people once that person dies.

The book cover of my book is showing a picture in the background that shows an area that has been destroyed and it is just right for the book because the was that the book is set is in a post apocalyptic world, and the way that the cover looks is perfect for the way that the book is set. The book cover is marketing to both boys and girls because the book cover has colors that do catch the eye of both intended readers and once they see it they can see that the cover has a background that is telling what the story is about. I personally wouldn’t change anything about the cover.

One theme of the book can be adventure because the group of characters have to journey to get to their targeted location to get answers and to find out what is going on. The way that the author had put it in the book had made it seem that the characters will stop at nothing to get to there destination. The way that the author is putting it is by saying that the characters are determined and ready for the things that are coming there way.


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The book that I am reading is the Kill Order. The book is set in a post apocalyptic world so most things are destroyed and the challenges that the characters have are difficult. The characters have to go on a journey to get to a place that might have answers to their problems. The more they go the more that they realize that there are others that a close to the area where they need to be. The location is in or near the mountains in North Carolina. The time of the book is in the near future.The whole story is about trying to find answers to events that have happened to the world and to the group of characters in the book.

The main conflict of the book is the fact that after the world was pretty much destroyed that there are now people try to spread a virus that can people in ways that are terrifying. Each person is affected in his/her own way some people get really sick and die. Some people say that there is something wrong with them and that their head hurts and after some time they start to go insane and start to see things and think that those around them that are trying to help them are lying about being able to stop the pain and suffering. But as the group goes on they find a little girl who seems to be immune to the virus. There are smaller things that the characters have to worry about like other people that may be a problem or even groups that will not let them go on their own way. There also problems with food and water due to shortages. Man Vs Nature. Man Vs Society.

My favorite part of the book is when the characters make it to there final destination of a secret bunker/base that they have been looking for. Once they get there the first thing they do is try to find the easiest way in without being noticed.Once they are in they start to explore and see what they can take if it is needed. As they go in more and more  they realize that they have to be quick because there are still others in there that will attack them if they are spotted.The main challenge for the characters is for them to be in and out as soon as possible but the way out is a lot harder than the way in.



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The book that I am reading is The Kill Order  the main characters for the book are Mark, Trina, Alec and, Lana. The major character is Mark .He is trying to figure what is going to happen to him and his friends. What has happened is that a virus has spread and they are trying to find answers to cure it.

The major character is Mark because most of the book is in his perspective. The group has to work together to make it to a bunker or base that may have answers to their problem. As they travel they find a little girl who seems to be immune to the virus. Once they find the way to the location they travel for 2 to 3 days. The more they go the more answers they seem to get.

The more they go they start to notice that the virus is effecting everyone in different, some people die within hours some people start to go insane and try to attack others. The challenge for them is to make it safely without being noticed or attacked by others.

Main/Major: Important people that move the plot.

Minor: Still important don’t move the plot.

Static/Flat: Don’t change, stereotypes.

Dynamic/Round: Mix of good and bad.

Protagonist: Wants change (good guy)

Antagonist: Doesn’t want change.

Nemesis: Ultimate undefeated foe

Sidekick: Helpful to the hero.

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