Lit circle blog post #2

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Well, to start off, this book is really depressing. Like everyone dies, is dead, or is sad/depressed about someone being dead. That is why our soundtrack has mostly sad and depressing songs, it was very hard to come up with  a happy moment that we could have an uplifting song for. One song that I knew we needed to include in our sound track was I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton. I knew we needed that song, because Hanneke’s true love, Bas, died in the war and whenever she brings him up in the book you can tell she loves him still and she always will. I didn’t hate the novel, I actually really liked how it matched up with a historical timeline. The thing that bothered me the most was that there wasn’t really a happy ending to the story and it makes sense, because it was a horrible event in history, I just really wanted a happy ending. I really like our soundtrack, I would just try to add more happy music in it. It was really hard to add any happy music, the book is just so sad. The book over all was pretty good though. I really liked it, I just recommend reading a book with a happy ending after.

Book show and tell #2

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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon By Stephen King

This book is about a girl named Trisha who’s parents are divorced and is living with her brother Pete and her mother. Pete and Trisha’s mother fight all the time about how Pete hates his new home and just wants to move back in with his dad, but his mom won’t let him. As a result of the fighting her mother feels that the family is drifting apart and that they need to spend more time together. Her mother decides to take the family on several outings every weekend and this time she decides to go on a hike with Trisha and Pete. These outings are even worse because Trisha is forced to sit through more of her mother’s and brother’s arguing the whole time. Trisha decides to fall beck on the trail so that she doesn’t have to look at or listen to them any longer. Since she is alone she decides to listen to her walkman, the baseball game was on and she could listen to her favorite player Tom Gordon. She ends up getting lost all alone and has to find a trail and food and shelter on her own. and something is following her.

I loved this book! I finally got to finish it, i started in 5th grade. My mom wouldn’t let me then but i decided i was old enough. I loved how this book is realistic and it was interesting to me because i have always been terrified of getting lost somewhere all alone especially when I was little. This book really can scare you about hiking. I recommend this book to everyone who loves horror novels, but it wasn’t too scary. I think a lot of people could read it and not be scared.

Blog post #6

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I feel like I would like a lot of the books that John Greene recommended, we have kinda the same taste. I love to see connections to cultures, history, and the real world.

Well, when I was little I got a book for Christmas and I just said, ” Really? A book?” after that my parents never got me one again. I’m not sure I would even buy myself a book, it’s not that I hate books, it’s just that i’m very picky with what I read. It has to be a really, really good for me to even pick it up, and I hate distopian and fantasy so I won’t read a lot of the popular books. If I ever got a book that I didn’t want like, I would try to return it or it would sit on  my mom’s coffee table and never get touched.

My series project is going great! I’m reading Stephen king books and I love them, because they are realistic fiction and horror and that’s like my two favorite things ever! If I was to give them as a gift, I would probably give them to my mom, because she loves Stephen King. When she was a kid she owned almost every Stephen King book and the ones i’m reading are ones she hasn’t read so, i’m pretty sure she would love them.

Well, my holidays are pretty basic. I’m gonna go to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner and then go home and my family will set up all our Christmas stuff, it’s been a tradition for forever to do it on Thanksgiving, it’s also been a tradition to fight the entire time. I’m making it a tradition to get out of it every time , because I already can’t stand my family as it is. On Christmas eve my grandma also has a party and we all play games, eat dinner, and exchange presents. The best part of her parties is the talent show she has us do every year (that was sarcastic if you didn’t pick it up) . I have like 50 cousins and it always goes so long, because somehow my grandma gets every single person to do it. My grandma already has me singing something with my sister and a few cousins. I hate doing it, because she films it. I only it, because it makes her happy. I just love seeing all the little kids do it, they make me laugh so hard. I just like playing with the little kids, because their laughs are just the best.

Literature circle presentation for Eleanor and Park

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B. Eleanor and Park is a teenage love story that takes place in Omaha Nebraska. Eleanor comes from a broken home, and it doesn’t help that she is constantly bullied. It doesn’t come as any surprise to her that as soon as she stepped a foot on the bus that everyone had a problem with her, what did come as a surprise was Park letting her sit by him. It takes a while for them to open up to each other, but eventually they start to bond on the bus over comics. The seat on the bus becomes Eleanor’s safe place between her awful gym class and her horrible step dad.

4. I really enjoyed this book from the beginning to almost the end. I really loved how I could make connections between real high school life and what high school life is in the book. The reason I said to “almost the end” before is because, the ending sucked. No one will ever know what the three words were and that couldn’t annoy me more!

blog post #5

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We chose this picture because its on of the most important settings in the story. The bus is not only where Eleanor is first bullied, but also where she meets Park. The bus is important, this is where Eleanor would go to see Park, and how they would both know if  something was wrong when they were not on the bus.

We took a picture of school steps because they reminded us of the steps on the elementary school outside Eleanor’s house. This was where Eleanor would go to meet Park, when they needed to talk. It was her place with Park. This is also where they kissed, A LOT.

We also took a picture of the gym, because gym class is where Eleanor dread going everyday and she had to think about Park just to get her through it. She also made her only friends in gym class. Most of the time she gets bullied in gym class.

I LOVED Eleanor and Park so much! It’s always really hard for me to get into books that I have to read at school, because they are always distopian novels or fantasy and I couldn’t HATE them more! This book was great I loved how I could relate it to my high school life, I also liked how it made me think. In some ways it came off as predictable, but the ending wasn’t even what I thought it would be. This book is one of my new favorites, after The Help of course! I liked the Help a little more, because I could connect it to a lot of real events in history.


book show and tell #1

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help takes place in 1962 in Jackson Mississippi. The story focuses on a young woman named Skeeter, who comes home after college and is tired of facing what she sees as unrealistic expectations from her mother. Her mother wants her to settle down, look pretty, and shut up for just long enough to get a man to marry her. Skeeter fights for her independence form her mother by showing her she doesn’t need a man, all she needs to do is write. Skeeter wants her writing to go big to show her mamma just how great she can be on her own, without a man. While Skeeter is fighting of her rights in way so is Abilene, a black maid for her friend Elizabeth, as are many other maids. When Skeeter’s friends bring up the subject of segregated bathrooms during bridge club and Abilene is listening, Skeeter can sense how uncomfortable this makes Abilene and she couldn’t disagree with her friends more, Skeeter sees the maids as regular misunderstood people (her family’s maid basically raised her). In an effort to kick off her writing career and help Abilene fight for her rights, Skeeter decides to write a book focusing on the help. Her and Abilene risk their lives to meet together so Abilene can tell Skeeter her stories about the white people she has worked for, so everyone can see what they are actually putting their help through and see that they are not perfect like they say they are. When Skeeter gets a publisher on board she is told she has to get more maids to interview, it takes time but many more come forward to help her. Skeeter’s book crosses all the lines of society.

This book was so good, it’s my absolute favorite! I loved the way it was so realistic and how it connected to real american history and then added more to it. It kind of had a comedy and shocking feel to it, it kept me on edge the entire time. The Help focuses a lot civil rights issues, not only for blacks but also for women as well. I would recommend this book to people who are perfectionists who like it when everything fits perfectly, because this book connects right into real events that we have been learning about since elementary school.

blog post #3: series

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I’m going to be reading three Stephen King books. The three I chose were Misery, Dolores Claiborne, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I chose these because, I have grown up listening to my mom talk about how she has read almost every single Stephen King book out there. We used to watch the movies together as a family and she would tell us how good the books are. Now that i’m in high school, I figured I should get around to reading a few of them. I have already finished reading misery and right now i’m in the process of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and as soon as i’m done with that i’m going to read Dolores Claiborne.

post 2-Steelheart’s backstory

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Isabelle Paas

A2 9/6/17

Ms. Rhodehouse


Steelheart came from what appeared to be a normal family in the beginning, he had two brothers and a mother and a father who loved each other and their children. Steelheart loved his family, but most of all, he loved playing with his two older brothers. His brothers loved to get into trouble with their friends, nothing more than toilet papering and doorbell ditching, just the normal teenager activities that they enjoyed doing with their friends. Once Steelheart’s mother caught on what her two boys were doing she came unglued, well not totally unglued, she was just upset. She wasn’t really the type of mother that would punish her children, she hated to see the people she loved most (her children) unhappy, so she decided to make the older boys take Steelheart along with them when they left with their friends, they couldn’t possibly get into too much trouble with their little brother with them. But, boy was she wrong, the two oldest boys just taught their little brother what they knew and they made him promise not to tell, as it would just make her sad and they loved her very much and didn’t want her to be sad.

As time went on, Steelheart continued to go with his brothers and their friends, just causing trouble and being normal kids. Steelheart’s brothers taught him all their tricks, like if you wanna toilet paper someone and they don’t have trees, you can just throw it on their roof and get all over their house, “This way it’s a lot harder for them to clean up and that’s better.” the oldest explained. Steelheart began to go out with them almost every night and he often looked forward to when they would be causing trouble, his brothers were right, it was a lot of fun. The boys were allowed to be out as late as they wanted to be, because their mother trusted them and she was just happy that the boys were bonding, she didn’t need to know what the boys were doing. One night the boys were planning a huge prank to pull on one of their neighbors. Steelheart was very excited that his brothers decided to involve him in the planning of their big prank, he couldn’t wait to actually do it and pull it off without getting caught. When the time came for them to leave, they gathered up their supplies and walked out the door “Have fun! Remember who you are!” , their mother called as they walked out. She had no clue and Steelheart thought it was better that way. They walked the few blocks to the house they were planning on, it was on a fairly busy street but far enough in that they could pull it off. They immediately began to throw toilet paper all over the trees and the rest of the yard. Once they covered the trees and basically every other plant in the yard, they had a little amount of toilet paper left over after some discussion they decided to use the rest and get the roof of the house too. The boys each took a roll and threw it to the rooftop, Steelheart grabbed the last roll and chucked it as hard as he could only to miss the roof and go right through what looked like it could be a bedroom window. The boys stared in terror as pretty much every light in the house turned on, the front door began to open and the boys turned and took off running towards the main road. All they had to do was make it across the street, there they would be able to hide and take a shortcut home. Steelheart bolted across the street ahead of his brothers, when he reached the sidewalk he turned around just in time to see his two older brothers hit and caught in some oncoming traffic on what they thought to be a safe road.

Steelheart watched through tears as the emergency vehicles came speeding up, he saw people jumping out to attend to the two boys. They tried for about ten minutes before he saw them cover his beloved brothers with a sheet. The police were asking him questions “What happened?” , “Why were you boys crossing the street?”, Steelheart just sat there frozen in silence. Eventually, law enforcement was able to contact his parents, he watched as a teary eyed mother and father arrived on the scene. His mother broke down in tears and disbelief right there on the sidewalk when an officer gave her the heart wrenching news. When she regained her self control she turned and took Steelheart home.

Family life was never the same, there was no more laughter and his mother’s happy spirit had left their home. Steelheart’s mother couldn’t stand the loss of her babies, she immediately fell into a dark depression that she never really returned from. With Steelheart’s father working out of town most days, he lost the love, nourishment, and encouragement he used to get from his mother, he was alone and neglected.

As time went on Steelheart learned to care for himself. He didn’t take it very lightly when someone tried to help him, he didn’t care about them, he just missed his mother. He would not be some charity case that everyone felt bad for, he hid his pain until he himself believed that he was invincible. It was his confidence that led others to believe it as well. He was Steelheart, he was strong, and boy did he have plans for the future. He was going to make people listen and answer to him, he was going to be in charge and since he had already lost all that was important in his life, he didn’t care who he had to hurt or what he would have to do to get there.

Blog post #1

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Howdy, i’m Isabelle!

I learned to read when I was younger, i’m not really sure what age I learned when my mom wanted me to study the Book of Mormon with the rest of the family. The first book or books I remember loving were the Junie B. Jones books and the magic tree house books as well. Today I really LOVE The Help, its just been my favorite for forever! I’m pretty sure I’ve read it about five times in the last school year. I only like to read one book at a time, I just find it really hard to keep up with multiple stories. I really like to read realistic fiction, I like to imagine myself in the story in the background, watching it all go down. I find really hard to imagine myself in a fantasy story, its just not my thing.

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