Bangladesh Background Information

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densley-populated countries. With a population of 162 million, they are packed into every nook and cranny. Since Bangladesh is so densley-populated, a lot of areas are jam packed with people. But the most populated are any rural areas. 27% of their population live in those rural

areas, while 14.4 million (8.7%) live in the capitol Dhaka. Dhaka is the biggest city that Bangladesh has. But Chittagong comes in a close second for being a major city. Chittagong has a much lower population of 2.6 million people. Chittagong has a lot of sacred and religious sights like the Chandanpura Mosque. The Mosque is one of the most famous landmarks of Chittagong. They use this Mosque to practice their religion, Islam and Hinduism. Bangladesh only has one major language at the moment. They speak Bengali, which was evolved from the Magadhi Prakrit, Pali, and Sanskrit languages. Bangladesh used to have a lot of poverty. But in recent years, Bangladesh has reduced population growth and improved their health and education. Currently the life expectancy is 69 years for men and 70 for women. Bangladesh uses a lot of energy, 53.65 billion kWh every year. But fortunately for them, they produce their own energy, and don’t use other countries energy. We would never have Bangladesh if it wasn’t for the Pakistan war. In 1971 Bangladesh came to be after the two parts of Pakistan split. So a thanks is given to Pakistan for creating a beautiful Bangladesh.


Final Response

I thought that Caminar was a very interesting book. I loved how you got to hear or see the story through a young village boy. Its a completely different perspective that you don’t really see. I didn’t really care for how she wrote it. It made it really confusing for me to follow. The only sad part of the book was the dream sequence. It showed all of his village walking to a ditch and laying down. They all piled on top of each other, one by one. He finally saw his mother lay down with them. I just thought that scene was very sad because Carlos is the only one left of his village. Nothing really made me angry except how the army took things to the worst extremes for no real reason. There wasn’t any lines that stuck with me. The dream sequence was a scene that stuck with me the most. I understand now that not everyone has the luxuries that most do. And some people, like Carlos, are forced to grow up faster without the guide of their parents. I think this book was very interesting to read. I would recommend it to everyone because it is very interesting and fast to read.

Book Club Response 2

I have finished the book, same with everyone in my group. We shared Carlos’ dream, his spirit animal, and him hearing the helicopters and warning the village. We thought those scenes were some of the most important scenes. They were the most important because they added to the plot the most. The book discusses the events that happened in Guatemala during the war. The war was with Guatemala, Great Britain, and Belize. A final settlement was proposed, but not reached in March 1981. Great Britain also granted Belize independence over Guatemala.

Book Club Response 1 – Caminar


  • I have completely finished the book, I think the theme is “cherish what you have now, because you never know when your life is going to change rapidly.”
  • Skila Brown: she is from Indiana, I didn’t find any interviews/articles that said why she wrote the book, she often visits Guatemala and the villages there, her first job was selling hot dogs.
  • It honestly wasn’t very easy to predict what was going to happen next. You could kind of tell, but you were also trying to figure out what she meant because she was writing in verse.
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