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Michael Vey: prisoner of cell 25

Michael Vey – Jackson Bond. In the book it says,” Small for his age”, Michael Vey is 15 in the book but this kid looks younger. The book also says, “with blond hair “, this kid obviously has blonde hair. The book says he has ” blue eyes” this kid has brown eyes, but he fits the other characteristics, and it wouldn’t be hard to put in contacts.

Jackson Bond 

Ostin liss- Peabo Powell. In the book Ostin is called fat all the time, “You’re Fat”, this actor doesn’t look overweight but, you could put a couple of layers on him. It also says in the book that he wears glasses. “As he fixed his glasses”, you could easily put nonprescription glasses on him. the book also says he “spits out everything he knows about a subject”, with a script they could make him say very smart things.

Peabo Powell

Dr.Hatch-Denzel Washington. The book says he is “His hair, dark brown with sideburns, was nicely styled”, this actor has dark brown hair. They also describe him as “tall man in a suit”, this actor is six foot and one inch. It also says “sized black-rimmed glasses with dark lenses” this actor can put on sunglasses.

Image result for how tall is denzel washington

Taylor Ridley- Natalie Portman. It says she has “hair the color of maple syrup”, this actor has brown hair. It also says “long brown hair” she has long hair. It also says she has “brown eyes”, this actor has brown eyes.

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