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my setting

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I’m reading Michael Vey: prisoner of cell 25, written by, Richard Paul Evans. It is around like early 2010’s because they still had phones but they weren’t as advanced as phones we have now. My book takes places in many different places. The book starts out at a school in Idaho. They also got to his apartment and a party in a popular girls house. They go to an aquarium, pizza max’s, and Ostin’s apartment for a little. Towards the middle of the book he’s in a car driving to California and they eventually get to the Elgen academy in Pasadena California. For the rest of the book they stay in The Elgen Academy but, they’re in multiple rooms. Michael gets a really nice room that he stays in, he also goes in Hatch’s office, and he is locked in a cell for 26 days.

One of the settings Michael is in is “Cell 25”. He is there for about 26 or 27 days. This setting changes how he feels about Hatch. Before he went to the cell he was planning on taking his deal, but then after the cell he decided he was gonna fight against Hatch. Cell 25 is a cell on the bottom floor that Hatch used to torture Michael for not killing Wade.

The Elgen Academy is another major setting in the book. Michael went there because they kidnapped his mom and his friend Taylor. Taylor was kidnapped and went there because she is one of the electric children and they were looking for her so they could study her power.

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character thing

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Michael Vey: prisoner of cell 25

Michael Vey – Jackson Bond. In the book it says,” Small for his age”, Michael Vey is 15 in the book but this kid looks younger. The book also says, “with blond hair “, this kid obviously has blonde hair. The book says he has ” blue eyes” this kid has brown eyes, but he fits the other characteristics, and it wouldn’t be hard to put in contacts.

Jackson Bond 

Ostin liss- Peabo Powell. In the book Ostin is called fat all the time, “You’re Fat”, this actor doesn’t look overweight but, you could put a couple of layers on him. It also says in the book that he wears glasses. “As he fixed his glasses”, you could easily put nonprescription glasses on him. the book also says he “spits out everything he knows about a subject”, with a script they could make him say very smart things.

Peabo Powell

Dr.Hatch-Denzel Washington. The book says he is “His hair, dark brown with sideburns, was nicely styled”, this actor has dark brown hair. They also describe him as “tall man in a suit”, this actor is six foot and one inch. It also says “sized black-rimmed glasses with dark lenses” this actor can put on sunglasses.

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Taylor Ridley- Natalie Portman. It says she has “hair the color of maple syrup”, this actor has brown hair. It also says “long brown hair” she has long hair. It also says she has “brown eyes”, this actor has brown eyes.

Term 4 blog post

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For my term 4 book report I chose the book Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25. I chose it because a lot of people did books from the Michael Vey series for their last book report. I haven’t read any of the michael Vey series, but a lot of people are reading them. Also, the book didn’t look very long so I think I can finish it quickly.

The reading level of my book is 7-9. I know that because I checked on amazon. The main character is 15 years old. So this book is probably meant for kids 12-15.

The author is Richard Paul Evans. He has gotten #1 on New York Times best seller. He has also written The Christmas Box. This series has seven books to it.

self evaluation

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So on the reading index test I got a score of 748. That means I am on a fifth grade reading level. I think that I could read better than a fifth grade level so I don’t know why my score was so low. In first term when we took this test the first time, I just guessed on the whole thing. I was literally just clicking on random answers the whole time. The second time  I took this test, I kind of tried but not really. I was reading a little bit of the text and then I was clicking on which one it might be. I wasn’t trying very hard. This time I actually read the whole thing, and I was trying to get a good score. I still scored pretty low though.

I haven’t done my book report or finished my book for term 3. So far I’m not sure if I like the book yet or not. I feel like it keeps being dragged out. I don’t really like anything about my book but, because I already started the series and I already chose it for my book report I have to finish it. If I had done the report I feel like I would’ve liked the group sharing better. It makes you talk more but you don’t have the whole class watching you. I feel like it’s more chill.

In term 4 I’m not sure what I am going to read. I am thinking about probably one of the Michael Vey books, but I’m not sure. I’m probably going to end up just finding a random book at my house, and use that one. That is what I did in the beginning of the year. Then I just read the series from there. I haven’t made my decision yet. I am thinking about reading Michael Vey though because someone did a book report on it. I also have heard about a lot of people reading it too.

Call to adventure

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In the third or fourth grade I had a  call to adventure. My ordinary life was mostly school. I would go to school every day. When I would get home I would do homework and do whatever third graders do. I spent a lot of time with my friends before, but once they started taking classes they were always busy.

I remember at recess my friends would all do cartwheels and all these cool kinds of flips. I learned from my friends that she went to a tumbling class and she wanted me to start taking classes with her. This was my call to adventure.

I refused my call when I didn’t ask my mom about it for like a month. I didn’t ask my mom because I thought she was gonna say no. I didn’t want to bug her about it if I already knew that she wasn’t gonna let me. My friend finally got me to ask her, and I started going to tumbling classes with her.

My mentor was my friend. I don’t really remember her name but, she helped me catch up with all the skills that were taught in this class. We were best friends for the longest time. We would do the tricks that we learned during classes at recess together.

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Quick write

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When I was younger my friends pushed me into doing tumbling and now I am glad that they did it. Tumbling is a lot like gymnastics but, it’s the the flipping part. So you don’t learn how to do the vault or the uneven bars or anything, you are mainly learning how to do the tricks. A lot of the girls mainly, were in tumbling classes. During recess some of the kids that I would play with would go to the grass and do the cartwheels or do whatever they learned in their class. I would feel really left out because I didn’t really know how to do any of the tricks that they could do. They would try to teach me how to but I couldn’t really do anything. One of my friends told me about a place where she goes and learns how to do flips and tricks. I told my mom about it and she took me to that place and I started taking tumbling there. If my friends had never pushed me into taking classes and if my friend hadn’t had made me tell my mom about it then I would have never been interested in cheerleading. I would have never made friends that I made in cheer either.       Image result for tumbling

A little while ago a friend convinced me out of sluffing math and I am glad they did that. I am not very good at math. I don’t understand it very well. So one day I decided to not go to math. I asked a lot of friends to come with me because I didn’t want to go alone. I didn’t have a plan of where I wanted to go or what I was going to do during that time period all I cared about was missing out on math. None of my friends agreed to come with me. One of my friends told me that I needed to go to math and she made sure I went. She walked with me in the halls and then made sure I walked into math. During that class period we did a lot of work. It would have been so hard for me to make that up. I also got called down to office during math. If I would have not gone to math that class then I would have been called down to the office when I wasn’t there. They would have checked that I was in class for first and second period. They would have figured out that I sluffed and I would have had after school detention. I am glad that my friend didn’t let me sluff math.Image result for math


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Christmas break was really boring. I was grounded for most of the break. I also didn’t have my phone for a week. The time that i wasn’t grounded, I hung out with friends. One of the nights before I got grounded I hung out with friends. I was with Caleb, Andrew, Josh, Mya, Brooke, Avery, Ashley, Lexi, Tianna, and a lot more people. We were at the Orem mall. I guess it was fun that I got to go the mall with a lot of my friends, but that was also the night I got grounded so.

Reached (Matched, Book 3) by [Condie, Ally] I am going to be reading the book reached for term 3. I chose this book because, I read the other book in the series. I chose the series because the I found the first book in my house so I decided to read it. Ally condie wrote my book. The grade level is 7-9th grade.

I don’t do new years resolutions but I guess I could work harder in school to get things turned in on time. Like this year I could turn in my math homework because, I never did that last year. I also barley turned in my blog posts for english so if we have more this year than I should work harder to turn that in.

bio poem

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My name is Jacki

I am tall, slow, boring.

The daughter of Rocxan, and the grand daughter of Rosa.

I love shane dawson, gerald ear gillum, and my best friend Renzo

I have exprienced happiness, sadness, and madness

I am scared of people, heights, and spiders

I have accomplished 1-7th grade

I want to hug a dinosaur, see a car crash, and see a cop pull over another cop

I live in Utah unfortunately

My last name is Carmigniani

reader response

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I liked the poem “Me” the most. I liked that in the beginning it was talking about being being yourself. I also liked that it started to compare being yourself to flowers because, I had never thought of a flower in that way. This poem is like me because, the poem talks a lot about being yourself and I think that it is good to be yourself. It does not have anything in common with the theme song I chose.


Image result for trash  This picture represents me because I am trash. The definition of trash is  “discarded matter” and that is basically what I am so that is why it is me.


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This term when I read Matched, I think about how life could be controlled like that in the future. It took me since the beginning of seventh grade until the end of term 2. I felt super rushed and I was scared I wasn’t gonna finish it in time. With the whole time in the term I probably could have felt comfortable with the amount of time given but, I am a pretty slow reader. I was also getting distracted pretty easily. So I didn’t feel comfortable reading it in that time period.  I could have made this easier for myself if I would have just payed attention to the book so I wouldn’t have had to reread so many parts. For next term I would just try to pay attention more to what i’m reading and to not get distracted easily.

I think that it was nice to have the blog posts accessible from home and school. I think that it was hard to be writing the blog posts every week, because I am not a good writer. I wish that we had done the posts like every other week.

I liked that we got to choose what we could do so that there was diversity in what they class was sharing. I wish that we had a little more time to work on them after we finished our books. If I could do it all over I would have spent more time working on it.

If I could restart the term I would have done my blog posts instead of procrastinating them. I would also have read my book faster, so that my book report wasn’t as rushed. I feel like I should have just done my blog posts during term 1 because I ended the term with an I.

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