Blog Post #4

Article In this story a man who doesn’t want to die builds a chamber with seven rooms. When death comes for him he tricks him and locks death in the 7th room them locks all the doors behind him. After this no one dies and Lord Shiva is suspicious of this. So she goes down […]

Post #3: News Article

Article Link The article talks about fifteen women who are going to climb mount Everest to raise awareness about the high rate of female sex trafficking happening in Nepal. They are offering jobs and a new life in another country but instead kidnap them and sell them. Because of this the record breaking group of […]

Post #2: Background Information

Source Nepal has an ancient culture and has been separated from the rest of the world until the 1950’s because the Himalayas block them from China. Nepal is one of the worlds poorest countries, they rely on tourism and aid. They get tourists that come because Nepal has eight of the tallest mountains in the […]

Post #1

I selected Nepal. I chose it because it sounded like a fun place. I don’t know anything about it so it should be fun to research it and learn about the culture and history. I’ve looked at some pictures and the flag but besides that I haven’t done any research. I would like to find […]