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I went to the Pleasant Grove Library with my parents. My mom is the one who showed me the book Biggie. I started reading the back cover and thought the book was interesting. It’s about Henry “Biggie” Abbott. He is the son of a baseball legend but biggie prefers to get good grades in school than sports. After all he is over 300 LBS. Biggie’s brother encourages him to play baseball. His sales pitch was, “You could throw a perfect game if you were a pitcher!” This set Henry on the path to being trained by his dad and eventually making the baseball team but things don’t look so good when the championship game comes around.

The book is written by Derek E. Sullivan. Biggie is the only book he was written so there is not much information about him. Derek E. Sullivan was born in Sioux City, Iowa. This is where he found his love for sports as a child. Derek graduated  from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud Minnesota, and earned his MFA at Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota. Before becoming an author he tried a few odd jobs such as, used-car salesman, telemarketer, and soda deliveryman. He now writes young adult novels and lives with his wife and three kids. Here is a link to his website

Biggie was copyrighted in 2015 and I have the 2015 edition. Looking at the year the book was written is important because it can tell you when was going on in the year. Certain events will affect how the story move along and the entire plot. Because my book was written in 2015 the events are not so dramatic.

I went on to amazon found and looked at the, “people who bought this item also bought” section and saw a book titled Hit Count. The genre of my book is literature & fiction, Sports, and baseball/softball. I like this book because it says that you can do something that you can dream of even if you’re like biggie. Biggie  in intended for young adults because of the language and some of the humor. My book is on an 8th grade reading level and is 266 pages long.

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