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In P.E. Biggie and his class played wiffle ball. Biggie has never played any sport, let alone thrown any kind of ball yet, coach puts Biggie as all time pitcher. Biggie, with a bit of trial and error, Biggie ends up throwing a perfect game. This event sets him in the right direction of loosing weight and trying out for the baseball team. The wiffle ball is the symbol in the story. The wiffle ball is a symbol of change or a new beginning for Biggie.

On the front cover of Biggie it says, “Some people call me Henry, mostly teachers and my mom but for the most part I’m Biggie.” With his name in bold letter. This suggests that he is tired of his nickname and wants to change. In the book he does look for change and ends up loosing weight and joining the high schools baseball team. Biggie is marketed towards young adults (Mostly male) because of some of the language and humor. There are also parts in the book where they are drinking or smoking. I wouldn’t change anything about the front cover because the text says who he is.

At the end of Biggie when he wins the championship game, he is accepted by his teammates, his school, and the small town that he lives in. The author in the book is telling you that even if you have doubts that whatever you’re chasing is worth it and to keep going when it gets tough.

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