The time of year inĀ Biggie is year round. Biggie is training to play for the high school’s baseball team and tryouts are in a year. Biggie takes one year to train, and loose weight. He manages to not only learn the sport but to go from 317 pounds to 240 pounds and makes the team.

Biggie is set in the small baseball loving town of Finch. The town isn’t very fond of Biggie because of one reason, he is not interested in any sport. He has never even held a baseball.

The mood varies between chapters. Some chapters are very calm and others you feel anxious when reading because of certain actions Biggie is taking.

The climate in Biggie Varies because the book is set year round. Some days it’s hot and others it’s cold. The beginning of the book is set during the summer and as you move towards the middle it gets colder, and at the end it starts to warm up but it’s still cold.

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