End of term 1

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This term I read Biggie. It didn’t take me very long to finish the book because I would read it at home. I felt like I had enough time to read my book and complete my book report. For next quarter I will stay on top of things and not have any missing assignments.

The blog posts were nice because I never had to hand in a paper and worry about loosing it. Nothing about the writing was really hard. Wring the blog posts were really easy and I don’t really want anything to change.

It only took me a couple days to complete my book report. My book report was the movie poster and I did it in Photoshop which sped up the process a lot. I wish I could have gotten to print my poster in higher quality. If I had to change anything it would be a spelling error that I made.

If I could start the term over I would make sure that I wouldn’t have any assignments and that I could write down important dates.

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