My Call to Adventure

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My ordinary world is nothing special, it mainly consists of going to school, doing homework, and hanging out with my friends. School takes up most of my time, mainly practicing my cello takes a lot out of my day because I’m trying to get better. I don’t want to make music my profession though. Sometimes me and my friends play football in a field or in our yards just for fun. I usually play quarterback and my friends noticed that I have a pretty good arm so they’re encouraging me to pursue football. When I actually thought about it I realized, I know a lot about the sport, and I do have a talent for getting the ball  to my receiver’s at the right time. That’s my call to adventure.

I really do want to pursue football but some of my set backs include school. Me being so busy with orchestra, studying, and homework doesn’t give me very much time to get stronger, working on my foot work, or working on my throwing technique in order to play quarterback. I also don’t know if I want to make it my profession. If I played for the NFL I would play games every Sunday. I go to church every Sunday so I don’t know how football would affect church for me in the future. Maybe i’ll just play during high school and college, even then I don’t know what I would do after college.

I’m getting more confident in playing football because I’m starting to get training from former BYU offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Brandon Doman. He played quarterback for the cougars and was drafted to the San Francisco 49ers in 2002. Sense he is very experienced he’s going to help me understand how it really is playing quarterback for a team and different things to help me with my throwing technique so that I might be able to go to the NFL.

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