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Characters in Biggie

Two of the most important characters are Henry ‘Biggie’ and his brother Maddux. Maddux is the one who encourages Biggie to play baseball. Another important character is Laser, Biggie’s stepdad. Laser is Biggie’s personal trainer and helps Biggie get into shape to try out for the baseball team. The person who gave Biggie the idea of trying out for the team is Annabelle. Biggie was given the position of pitcher is P.E. Biggie never pitched before but he threw a perfect game. Annabelle told him to tryout for pitcher of the school’s baseball team. He did but didn’t make it but the with help of Maddux and Laser he could make it in the next year. Some of the minor characters include: Kyle Biggie’s teammate and friend who also encourages him to be a pitcher for the team. ‘Killer’, and ‘Jet’ are also on Biggie’s team but they don’t do much to push the story, they are mostly there for background.

One of the characters who stays loyal to Biggie is Kyle. When Biggie tried out for the team a second time he made it but was set to throw some of the last pitches of the game. Biggie then felt that there was no point in going to practices or games. The team made it to the championship game but Biggie didn’t wan’t to play. Kyle tells Biggie that he is important to the team and that if he showed up they could win. Biggie believed Kyle’s promise and play the championship game and they won. Another loyal character is Maddux who plays catch with Biggie and does everything he can to help him improve his pitching. Maddux was in the dugout when Biggie played the championship game and believed in Biggie the entire time. Biggie’s sidekick in the story is Maddux who is Biggie’s brother and friend. He stays loyal and helps Biggie when he doubts himself. Biggie relays on him because he has knowledge of baseball.

The protagonist in this story is Biggie. A protagonist is someone who wants change. At first Biggie is happy with himself the way he is. Biggie earned his nickname because he was a big kid. 17 years old 6 foot 5 inches and 300 pounds. Biggie didn’t want to change anything about his self he was happy being big, not exercising, and having no friends. Biggie only tried out for the team because he wanted to impress Annabelle, The person who told him to play pitcher. When Biggie when to the doctors office the doctor told him that he might have diabetes. This pushed Biggie in the direction of training with his stepdad and later making the baseball team. The antagonist in the book is also Biggie. The antagonist is standing in the was of change. Biggie has many doubts about himself playing baseball. On top of that he was never into sports as a child, he has a low self esteem and was never noticed by anybody, if he was they would just bully him. When Biggie starts getting good at baseball he has doubts and fears and sometimes debates on quitting the baseball path and going back to doing what he does best well, what everyone at his school say he does best, Being a nobody.

Parent/ Teacher Conference

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Dear mom and dad,

During the 20 minutes of in-class silent reading time, I read Biggie. Out of those 20 minutes I read 100% of the time and read about 8 pages each day. In order to complete my book report I need to finish the book which I have already done. Here is a link to see what my book is about.  During class I am silent and on task and when asked I help other people at my table.


Declaring my Book

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I went to the Pleasant Grove Library with my parents. My mom is the one who showed me the book Biggie. I started reading the back cover and thought the book was interesting. It’s about Henry “Biggie” Abbott. He is the son of a baseball legend but biggie prefers to get good grades in school than sports. After all he is over 300 LBS. Biggie’s brother encourages him to play baseball. His sales pitch was, “You could throw a perfect game if you were a pitcher!” This set Henry on the path to being trained by his dad and eventually making the baseball team but things don’t look so good when the championship game comes around.

The book is written by Derek E. Sullivan. Biggie is the only book he was written so there is not much information about him. Derek E. Sullivan was born in Sioux City, Iowa. This is where he found his love for sports as a child. Derek graduated  from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud Minnesota, and earned his MFA at Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota. Before becoming an author he tried a few odd jobs such as, used-car salesman, telemarketer, and soda deliveryman. He now writes young adult novels and lives with his wife and three kids. Here is a link to his website

Biggie was copyrighted in 2015 and I have the 2015 edition. Looking at the year the book was written is important because it can tell you when was going on in the year. Certain events will affect how the story move along and the entire plot. Because my book was written in 2015 the events are not so dramatic.

I went on to amazon found and looked at the, “people who bought this item also bought” section and saw a book titled Hit Count. The genre of my book is literature & fiction, Sports, and baseball/softball. I like this book because it says that you can do something that you can dream of even if you’re like biggie. Biggie  in intended for young adults because of the language and some of the humor. My book is on an 8th grade reading level and is 266 pages long.

My Favorite Book

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First of all it’s football. Second, It’s a true story. Even though he came from a rough background he was given the opportunity to play football. Even though he  wasn’t great at first the kept going and was eventually drafted to the NFL later on in his life. It tells you that no matter who you are you can achieve great things.   

352 pages

Sports and outdoors, Football (American)

Any person that likes sports and people who like true stories

About Me

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My name is Jacob Rebollo

Some of my hobbies include sports, Music and art

My favorite sport right now is  football, the position I like playing the most is quaterback

For music I play the piano and I am currently learning the cello

I love drawing! My favorite things to draw are aliens and made up spices. I also like drawing cars and other vehicles

My favorite type of music to listen to is music from the 80s. Not a big fan of pop but I do like rap music.


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