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The book I’m reading is The Truth by Jeffery W. Johnston. My book takes place is two different times, the past and the present. In the past the main character, Chris, has just killed a kid for breaking into his home. Chris has been talking to detectives and they tell him that the kid had a gun on him. The court ruled it self defense so Chris wasn’t guilty of murder, but that might not be the truth. In the present, Chris is trapped in a basement. A boy named Derek kidnapped him because he wanted the truth from Chris about what happened the night he shot his little brother. The thing that affects the story is the chapters alternating between past and present. The setting changes my character in many ways. In the present he is very tired, scared, and confused because when he tells Derek what the police told him what happened that’s not enough for Derek. Chris tell Derek everything, re-visiting painful memories of the death of his father, trouble at school, everything. In the past Chris is going to school, taking care of his younger brother, and also worrying about what happened the night he shot the kid who broke into his home. He can’t seem to shake the memory and live on with his life.

Term 4 blog post

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I chose a book called “Aftermath” because, it’s a thriller and it just sounds really interesting. 

The book is marketed towards Teens so I’m pretty sure it’s on my reading level. I’m not sure how old the main character is but they are in high school so they must be a little bit older than me.

The author of my book is Kelley Armstrong. No awards are listed for any of her book. She is a Canadian author so I image she’s not very popular in Utah. There’s nothing really special about my book other than that it’s a thriller/mystery.

I don’t know much about the main character other than that three years ago the brother was a victim of a school shooting but,  he wasn’t a victim. He was the shooter. The main character and her friend try to remember what happened and really find out who caused the death of her brother.

Term 4 blog

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I’m still at an 11th grade reading level, I feel pretty good about my reading skills and the score I got. The book report this term was pretty easy because I read my book pretty fast, I enjoyed my book up until the ending because I thought is was kinda dull and less exciting than the rest of the book but was still a good happy ending. I don’t really know what I would have changed about my book report, next term I’m going to try to turn it in on the extra credit day but I still don’t know what book I’m going to read for term 4. I don’t really know what I’ll change for term 4 other than trying to get things done on time and not rush an assignment, to make sure it looks good. I’m also going to try to finish my book faster for my book report because my term 3 book report felt rushed.

My Call to Adventure

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My ordinary world is nothing special, it mainly consists of going to school, doing homework, and hanging out with my friends. School takes up most of my time, mainly practicing my cello takes a lot out of my day because I’m trying to get better. I don’t want to make music my profession though. Sometimes me and my friends play football in a field or in our yards just for fun. I usually play quarterback and my friends noticed that I have a pretty good arm so they’re encouraging me to pursue football. When I actually thought about it I realized, I know a lot about the sport, and I do have a talent for getting the ball  to my receiver’s at the right time. That’s my call to adventure.

I really do want to pursue football but some of my set backs include school. Me being so busy with orchestra, studying, and homework doesn’t give me very much time to get stronger, working on my foot work, or working on my throwing technique in order to play quarterback. I also don’t know if I want to make it my profession. If I played for the NFL I would play games every Sunday. I go to church every Sunday so I don’t know how football would affect church for me in the future. Maybe i’ll just play during high school and college, even then I don’t know what I would do after college.

I’m getting more confident in playing football because I’m starting to get training from former BYU offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Brandon Doman. He played quarterback for the cougars and was drafted to the San Francisco 49ers in 2002. Sense he is very experienced he’s going to help me understand how it really is playing quarterback for a team and different things to help me with my throwing technique so that I might be able to go to the NFL.

Term 3

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The highlight of my Christmas break was me and my family going to temple square to see the lights. Other than that I spent time with my family and I hung out with some friends.

The book I have chosen is Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz Here is a link to his website. I chose this book because it’s about a boy living in Nazi Germany and I like reading those kind of books. Here is more about my book. I don’t know

what grade level this is because it doesn’t say on amazon.

My resolution is to be better in school. I’m going to stay on top of my work and get better grades. Another goal of mine is to prepare for a football tryout. I’m going to start lifting weights, practicing my position, and study the sport.

Poetry Response

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I liked “Me” because it says that every person is unique. I don’t see how this poem has anything in common with me or my theme song paper, I just picked it because I liked the message. I chose this picture because I couldn’t think of anything else and the Blobfish is the best animal.

Related image

End of term 1

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This term I read Biggie. It didn’t take me very long to finish the book because I would read it at home. I felt like I had enough time to read my book and complete my book report. For next quarter I will stay on top of things and not have any missing assignments.

The blog posts were nice because I never had to hand in a paper and worry about loosing it. Nothing about the writing was really hard. Wring the blog posts were really easy and I don’t really want anything to change.

It only took me a couple days to complete my book report. My book report was the movie poster and I did it in Photoshop which sped up the process a lot. I wish I could have gotten to print my poster in higher quality. If I had to change anything it would be a spelling error that I made.

If I could start the term over I would make sure that I wouldn’t have any assignments and that I could write down important dates.


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The time of year in Biggie is year round. Biggie is training to play for the high school’s baseball team and tryouts are in a year. Biggie takes one year to train, and loose weight. He manages to not only learn the sport but to go from 317 pounds to 240 pounds and makes the team.

Biggie is set in the small baseball loving town of Finch. The town isn’t very fond of Biggie because of one reason, he is not interested in any sport. He has never even held a baseball.

The mood varies between chapters. Some chapters are very calm and others you feel anxious when reading because of certain actions Biggie is taking.

The climate in Biggie Varies because the book is set year round. Some days it’s hot and others it’s cold. The beginning of the book is set during the summer and as you move towards the middle it gets colder, and at the end it starts to warm up but it’s still cold.


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In P.E. Biggie and his class played wiffle ball. Biggie has never played any sport, let alone thrown any kind of ball yet, coach puts Biggie as all time pitcher. Biggie, with a bit of trial and error, Biggie ends up throwing a perfect game. This event sets him in the right direction of loosing weight and trying out for the baseball team. The wiffle ball is the symbol in the story. The wiffle ball is a symbol of change or a new beginning for Biggie.

On the front cover of Biggie it says, “Some people call me Henry, mostly teachers and my mom but for the most part I’m Biggie.” With his name in bold letter. This suggests that he is tired of his nickname and wants to change. In the book he does look for change and ends up loosing weight and joining the high schools baseball team. Biggie is marketed towards young adults (Mostly male) because of some of the language and humor. There are also parts in the book where they are drinking or smoking. I wouldn’t change anything about the front cover because the text says who he is.

At the end of Biggie when he wins the championship game, he is accepted by his teammates, his school, and the small town that he lives in. The author in the book is telling you that even if you have doubts that whatever you’re chasing is worth it and to keep going when it gets tough.

Plot Structure

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The main plot in Biggie is an underdog story. Biggie is a 17 year old who stands at 6 foot 5 inches and is 300 pounds. Biggie has never been interested in sports. He is only interested in getting As in school. In P.E. Biggie and his class play wiffle ball and Biggie is placed on all time pitcher. Biggie has never held any sort of ball in his life. Biggie then throws a perfect game. Some of his classmates tell him that he should tryout for the schools baseball team. Biggie tried out but, found out that baseball was a lot more different that wiffle ball. Biggie first needs to loose weight so, he asks his stepdad ‘Laser’ to train him. After all Laser is a professional baseball player. After a year of training with Laser, Biggie went from 317 pounds to 250 pounds. Nobody in high school ever payed attention to Biggie. When every one heard that he was going to try out for the baseball team a second time no one believed in him. Biggie made it on to the team as end game pitcher which means that he would pitch during the last two innings of the game. Biggie played in the championship game and was accepted by his teammates and his school. The main conflict in this book is man vs himself. Biggie struggles to loose weight because he doesn’t want to give up his favorite foods and eventually hit a plateau while loosing weight where he could loose anymore. This discouraged him and it almost lead to him not trying out in the first place. My favorite part in the book is when he basically said that the more weight he put on the less people noticed him but when he started loosing weight people recognized him in a positive way and was eventually accepted by his school and the small town he lives in.

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