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Calamity By: Brandon Sanderson

Calamity is the third book in the Steelheart series. In this book the Reckoners travel to a new city called Idithia. Without giving to much away you find out what calamity is and why its there and you also find out a lot more about Prof and his powers and about Megan. Also this book is different from the first two. The first two kind of have the same plot where they go to a city and have to kill the main Epics but in the third on there is a major twist in it and I loved it. I thought this book was awesome but I would still say that the first one is my favorite and then Calamity and then Firefight. I would recommend this book to anyone who read the first two and who likes stories about superheros and superpowers.

Blog #8 Symbols of Social Justice and Freedom

I think that the Mockingjay symbol encourages people to be brave because of Katniss. Katniss put a meaning to that symbol when she volunteered as tribute for her sister and then wore it through out the games. It also helped that she won the game it made people actually believe in it because if some girl from district 12 can win the Hunger Games then maybe there is still hope. Some symbols that we have is the Illuminati. I feel like the Illuminati inspires people to be creative by coming up with with weird ideas and fun conspiracies.

I think that we struggle with the idea of everyone being free because then there is less order and when there is less order things tend to either fall apart or people do what they want and not what the society needs. I think people think it is scary because they don’t trust other people to do the right thing and that if they want something done right you have to do it yourself.

I haven’t really seen any social issues in our school or in our community because I tend not to care or notice them. I don’t think I would ever join in a cause unless it effects me personally or directly because then it doesn’t concern me and there is no need to worry about something that doesn’t concern me.

I would be more upfront and direct to Katniss because that is kind of who she is. She had to become more mature at a young age and take care of her sister since her mom dropped out and because of that she learned how things really are and she wasn’t protected from the truth like some kids. Also I feel like being more up front in situations like this is a lot more effective then doing anything else.

Lit. circle #2 Blog Post

As I was creating my soundtrack there were two songs that I  thought that I really needed to include the first one is the song “I want you back.” by Jackson Five I thought it would be perfect for the part where Art3mis leaves wade and says that they shouldn’t see each other anymore and wade is heart broken. The second song is “We are the Champions.” by Queen I thought this song would be perfect for the end of the book when wade beats all the sixers through the last gate, finds the Easter Egg and wins.

What I loved about this novel and soundtrack is that it was really 80’s themed. It was really fun looking up old 80’s songs for the soundtrack that went along with the novel. I also loved how accurate the novel was with its history on video games and I loved reading about some of the video games that I have actually played.

What I didn’t like about the novel is that at some point it took a while to actually get going and it just talked a lot about one thing sometimes but other then that I really loved reading this book.

I think that this is probably my favorite book that I have read this year, it was really good. Also I think our soundtrack is really good for this novel.

Blog#7 All The Pretties

For me book covers are very important because that is the one thing that will actually get me to pick up a book and start reading it unless a friend tells me about a good book I should read. I think they are also important to other people for the same reason and for the reason that a cover is just as good as a summary on the back of the cover.

I don’t think keeping a book cover nice or keeping the dust jacket on it is important at all. because once I have begun reading the book and I am already into it I don’t need to look at the cover anymore to keep reading the book. Also once I have read a book I will rarely ever read it again so it wouldn’t bother me if it was beat up because I probably wont really look at it again. I also remove the dust jacket while I am reading if a book has one because it just gets in the way for me and makes the book harder to handle.

What draws me in the most while looking at book covers is probably the color and if something is happening in the cover picture and not just some figure standing there. The text doesn’t draw my attention that much but if it does have a unique font then it will catch my eye.

Cover of my lit circle book didn’t play that much of a role for making me want to read it. What really made me want to read Ready Player One is that the movie is coming out and the trailer for it looked awesome and everyone that I know that has read the book said that it was awesome and that I should so that is why I wanted to read it.

This second lit circle book is way better then the first one and I don’t it would make much of a difference discussing it in a big group or a little group. I think that it would be fun either way.

Literature Circle Presentation for Legend By: Marie Lu

Background/Summary: The book Legend is set in a dystopian world where the military runs the government. In this world when kids turn 10 years old they have to go take the trial. The trial is a test and depending on what score you get you will be trained to be a high ranking military officer, be able to go to high school then college, only be able to go to high school, or if you fail then you get sent to a labor camp. In the book you follow two main characters one is a 15 year old girl named June who scored a perfect score on the trial which nobody has done before and the second main character who is a 15 year old boy named Day who failed the trail and was sent to labor camps but escaped. The boy is the republics most wanted criminal because for some reason even though he failed his trial and is supposed to suck at everything he is super good and the republic has no record of who he is because he is supposed to be dead. The book is set in LA and Day’s family lives in the poor sector where the plague is the worst. Day’s family thinks that day is dead except for his brother John who knows the truth. Day’s other brother Eden gets sick with the plague and so Day breaks into a hospital to steal medicine. As day tries to escape the hospital a captain stops him and Day throws a knife at him to get away and supposedly killed the captain which was Junes older brother and so that is what sets the two main characters on the same path. June then gets assigned to find day and as she goes out into the streets she gets injured and day helps her out but they both don’t know who each other are. June and Day live with each other for a couple weeks on the streets and then June finally figures out that the boy is Day. She then uses days family to set up a trap and captures day when he comes out to save his family. Day is then thrown in prison and is set for an execution date. Meanwhile something doesn’t seem right for June so she does some digging and figures out that the republic is corrupt and that her brother knew that and so the republic killed him and it wasn’t day. She also found out that the plague wasn’t a nature thing and that the republic was creating it and testing it on the poor people to create new bio weapons. Once she figures this out she hurries to go break Day out of jail before he is executed. She succeeds but only because Day’s brother John sacrificed himself to save them. And then it ends with June and Day leaving the republic and planning on how to bring it down.

I thought that this book was pretty good I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I thought that it was exciting and the concept was really cool but it was a little unbelievable because the main characters where 15 year old kids and they where doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I also thought that it was pretty predictable I knew that June was going to end up finding out that the republic was corrupt and that she would leave. Other then those two things it was a good book. It had good dialog and there was a lot of action throughout the whole book.


Blog Post #6 lit circle

I chose this pic because it reminds of a part in the story where Day is captured and June finally realizes that the republic is corrupted so she goes to find a Patriot leader named Kaede to help her break day out. While she is trying to find Kaede she travels from rooftop to rooftop to avoid being seen and she uses a grapple gun to help her.

I chose this pic as my second one because it reminded me of when Day was thrown in prison. In this scene it described Day by looking through the bars and seeing his head down with his long blonde hair hanging over his face so I thought this was a really good pic that really captured that scene.

I chose this pic to be my last one because it really captures the scenes where Day, Tess, and June at the end of the day hide in an alleyway behind a dumpster to fall asleep for the night.

I am loving the book so far it has moved along really nicely and now that it is toward the end of the book it is really intense and exciting. The only thing that I don’t like is that is has been really predictable but other then that I really like this book.


Blog #4 Author Highlight & Series Project

Brandon Sanderson has a pretty good presence on the web. His website looks very well made and kept up on. His presence on the web is pretty big and I can tell a lot of people look at his website. I don’t think that his presence on the web has that much importance for his books because he is a well known Author so everyone knows and loves his books even without looking at his website.

One of my favorite Authors is Rick Riordan. He does have a website and it looks pretty well made not as good as Brandon Sanderson’s website though. He went to college at the Universtiy of Texas. He now currently lives in Boston Massachusetts and one of his most famous books are the Percy Jackson series. The types of books that he writes is Historical Fantasy about mythological gods and creatures. I think a lot of other students would like his books because they are exciting to read and you get to learn a lot about Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods and stuff.

Image result for rick riordan Image result for rick riordan Image result for rick riordan

My epic name is Void Strider. For my powers I can teleport anywhere I want and my other power I can leave a image or mirage in the place where I just teleported from. My weakness is being blinded or confused because then I cant think or see straight to where I want to teleport


Blog #3 Book series

I chose to read the Steelheart book series which includes Book one Steelheart, Book two is Firefight, and book three is Calamity. I chose to read this series because I am almost done with the first book and I really like it so far and instead of just reading the first book and then not read the rest I want to follow through with this series and finish it. I am almost done with the first book and I plan starting the second as soon as I am done with the first and then I hope that I will be done with the second within a month so I can start the third.    Image result for steelheart series

Blog #2 SteelHeart’s backstory

My parents never loved me. They always ignored me and neglected me because I wasn’t like them I didn’t have powers like them or like my brothers. I couldn’t fly like them, shoot lasers and blasts of energy from my hands, I wasn’t invincible and I didn’t have super strength. All I could do was turn things into steel. I grew up hating my family, I hated that we were epics because to them being a low epic was dishonorable.

I knew one thing. I never wanted to be like my family. I never wanted to rule in fear or use my one power for evil. I was going to do good. I learned to control my power and I strengthened it. But compared to my family it wasn’t enough. They saw what I was doing and it made them even angrier. They started to beat me and yell at me and just as I thought that they were going to kill me I decided that I had enough.

I snapped, they made me snap. Something inside of me snapped too. I could no longer only make things turn into steel. I felt so much power rush into me like a flash flood. I now had all the powers that my family had plus much more. There powers no longer hurt me and in return for what they had done to me I unleashed everything onto them and killed them all.

That was just the beginning I still was a young kid and had no clue what I was going to do then but I knew that I was no longer going to let people look down to me and I was no longer going to have any weaknesses. For the most part that was true no one ever looked down to me but I found out the hard way that I still have a weakness. It was courage. If anyone had the courage to stand up to me they had the power to kill me.Image result for power