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Love Moderately

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When someone gets married they should love in a way that is noticeable to others around them. What I mean by this is that married couples should make it obvious that they are married but not too much to make it awkward. How do you know when a married couple is a happy couple? I think that you know when married couple is a happy married couple is when they aren’t afraid to be themselves around each other. This could mean a lot of things like, they aren’t afraid to show their love for each other in front of strangers.


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Why do people hate each other? I think its because everyone is human and makes mistakes and some peoples mistakes can make you hate them. There are sometimes where people hate people for no reason and that’s because people can spread gossip and judge them. I personally have hated a lot of people in my life. I use to hate this one kid in 7th grade because he was a realllllly bad cusser. But then in the 8th grade he slowly but surely joined our friend group. Now that I know him really well now he is one of my best friends.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare

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We should definitely teach Shakespeare because it can help improve our reading level. Since he writes such hard books and plays it has been proven that it will make students smarter. Even though it may seem like we can’t relate to such old books in our day of age we most likely will be able to relate to them in the future. Students may not like Shakespeare books because they are difficult to read andĀ unrelatable they still will makes us smarter and will help us in our future experiences. I hope that we don’t band Shakespeare because I know it can help us in lots of ways.

What I Learned About People

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I learned that some people actually do like reading and English! For example, I really don’t enjoy English that much because I just don’t. But when I interviewed Spencer DeGrey he really seemed to enjoy English and reading and stuff like that. I feel like I should try and be like Spencer and visualize what is happening in a book that I am reading. I bet if I started to do this I would actually enjoy reading. And if I enjoyed reading I would most likely enjoy English. I hope I will learn how to visualize what is happening in the books I read.

What I don’t know about the people in this class?

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Well the first thing that came to mind about what i dont know about someone is what their underwear color is. I have no idea why i thought of this but it just came to my mind. Some other things that i wouldn’t know about people in this class is what their middle name is and why they were named the name they have now. Another thing i wouldn’t know about people in this class is what their moms middle name is. Again i have no idea why i thought of all this stuff it just came to my really strange mind.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

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This term was my best term I’ve ever had in English this year! I was really proud of myself for going the next level and getting an A! Well technically it was an A- but i am still very proud of that. This next term my goal is to get a legitimate A. In order to get an A this term I am going to look at the success criteria and do the work needed to get a 4. Whenever I get an assignment I am going to make sure that I try and get that assignment in at least two days earlier. I am very thankful for Mr. Green and his teaching methods.

An Authority on Courage

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The first person that comes to mind that is very courageous is my uncle Chris. He has been through a lot of crap in his life but he still is able to be courageous with almost about everything. My favorite act of courage my uncle did was to be positive no matter what. I really like that because a lot of the time it is hard to be positive even though like can be crappy. Another example of someone that is courageous is my brother Caleb. I really feel like he is courageous because of all the service he does all the time.

To Kill A Mockingbird Review

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The book To Kill a Mockingbird is a great book to read for teenagers in this day of age. I sorta enjoyed it but not as much as some other books. I feel like it had a great impact on me because of Atticus’ quote “Sometimes you need to just get in their skin and walk around in it.” I really think this quote can help our day of age because us teenagers need to work on not being quick to judge. I personally have learned that I need to do as Atticus says and I have been trying harder at not be quick to judge other people.

To Kill a Mockingbird the movie is a pretty good movie for how old and long and slow and boring it is. I really like watching movies before i read the book because it helps me get more into the book, like being able to visualize the characters doing the stuff they do. If i had to compare the book to the movie, like always the book is wayyyyyyyy better. I think this because the movie left out a lot of detail on what happened in the book. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this book and to watch this movie.

Good Stuff

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In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” a two characters named Miss Maudie and Atticus Finch are talking about racism. Atticus is a lawyer and has taken a case for a black guy named Tom Robinson. As they talk about racism Miss Maudie brings up the case Atticus is doing and she says “We’re making a step– it’s just a baby step, nut it’s still a step.” Miss Maudie is talking about how racism in Maycomb County is getting better even though it’s just a baby step. In our world today we need to focus on what Miss Maudie said about steps, even if it as nothing to do with racism. It can be about anything really. But if we all would have the mindset of Miss Maudie we would be proud of the little things making the world a better place.

Real Courage

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I think that when Jem had to read to Mrs. Dubose it took courage because he is scared of her and courage is when you either face your fears or stand up for what’s right. This is why Atticus told Jem that real courage is to go and read to Mrs. Dubose. I think it was very courageous of Jem to go and read to her. A great example of courage is in star wars when luke went to face on darth vader and then got his arm cut off and realized that his father is a really bad guy.

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