Blog Post # 7: Lit Circle Soundtrack

The song that jumps out to me in this story is especially Sound of Silence by Disturbed. This is such a powerful song that shows the need to speak out and not follow in the sound of the silence. I think the novel was okay in some aspects. I loved the character development and progression through the story but found many parts unrealistic and unbelievable. The soundtrack we made does a pretty good job of showing the emotions of the main characters. What I hated about the novel was that the justice system and racial bias of the people in the book seem extremely unlike real life, in that many things done and said by the cops and media would never happen in real-life situations. This whole story is sad and about Starr trying to learn and grow from the death of her best friend. The most aggravating part of the book is that somehow after everything that happened, the Grand Jury chose not to indict, but also that they just gave up on trial immediately after that. I would assume they would keep trying to convict One-Fifteen. Overall, I think the characters in the book were much better at showing life than the events that happened around them. The development and ideas from Starr really showing how a person can grow and change in intense situations.