Blog #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

The boy fell to the ground, blood pouring from his nose. He had been hit and beat up many times before by these bullies.

“Stay down,” said the bully standing over him.

The boy was very thin. He would often get bullied for being too short, being too ugly, and being too weak. Nobody at the school ever paid him too much attention. Well, apart from the bullies. As the boy began to try to push himself up onto his hands, Whack! Another blow from the bully right to his right jawbone sent him back down.

“Keep trying punk. Maybe you’ll finally be able to get some muscles.”

The boy hated being bullied. Most people eventually learned to get used to it, but he never did. And he never would. He knew one day they would be bowing down before him. He knew that one day he would be able to fight back. To stand his ground.

Thunk. Another blow hit him right in the spine.

That day would not be coming for a while.

“You’re gonna pay for this,” the boy wheezed out.

“Not a chance.”

Right at that moment, the boy decided. This bully would be the first to go down. And then he would punish the rest of the world. He would show them that he could stand up, and take whatever he wanted. He would be the one they feared, and he would hit them just like they are hitting him now.

The boy’s wish would come true sooner than he ever could have expected. Calamity changed him. Calamity gave him the power he desired. He could take whatever he wanted. People would fear him, and worship him. He decided to take on a new name to begin his reign. Steelheart.