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The main characters in the book Zombie Chasers are Zack, Rice, Madison, Zoie, and Ozzie. These characters go on through out the whole series of six books, as they are going on they come across setbacks and problems. one of those problems is crashing their helicopter into a gas station.

The sidekicks in the story are Rice and Ozzie. These two characters are always protecting the rest of the group. Rice is the really smart sidekick where Ozzie is the really strong one that goes on missions. on Ozzies missions he comes across a mall with the rest of the group and they try to find weapons and food to suvive.

The antagonist of the story is all the zombies. They are the antagonist because they set the group back from completing the mission of saving the world. As they get somewhere new, there are always more zombies. The group always manages them, but sometimes they cant because of how many of them are around them.

My favorite book

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My favorite book is Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer the reason I like this book is because it is about dystopian future in the zombie apocalypse. The main character is Zack Clark and his friend Rice Porter. They go on and on trying to find

an antidote for the zombie virus which is started by BurgerDog, BurgerDog is a hog that has genes from a cow, the scientist that made these “Bovine Hogs” doesn’t test for any side effects of the food. After they find out it was this man (book 3) they findout that the cure is the blood of a girl they pick up on the way. Her name is Madison when they get to the scientists house they figure out that he is still alive and knows how to fix the zombie virius. The scientist takes brain and turns it into juice and mixes it with Madisons blood and then sprayed it on popcorn. They give it to the zombies and then they turn into people again. The genera for the book is Action and Advenure. In the book they have to deal with a lot of problems because of the zombie horde. This book is 244 pages of the challenges of being a survivor. Boys is what this book is marketed to because of the gore and action in the book, they would like it because there is always something happening in the book wether its an attack wether it is them finding something and whole bunches more.


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The setting in my book Black storm Commin’ is in the wilderness, In the wilderness of the seiera nevada mountains. In the mountains it has lots of trees and rocks and cliffs. when he is delivering the mail he runs allover the the mountains and runs into a lot of places to stop. most of these places are towns. the towns are always busy in the day and quiet at night.

the timezone is in the 1800s and it is during the civil war. Colton has to deliver a special letter to sacremento in a small amout of time. in the point in time the towns have dirt roads and have board walks for a sidewalks. when he delivered the mail he was going down all the icy roads and walks.

when Colton delivered the mail he was delivering it in the winter.while he was delivering the mail there was a blizzard that ran through his path as he was riding. The snow blinded him and the cold made the snot freeze to his face. all the snow made it hard to see the cliffs and the path.

Parent teacher confrence

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Dear mom and dad in class reading time I read Black storm commin and I read about 99% of the time. I am on on page 268 and I am almost done with the book, it is a great book too. My grades are good and mostly blue, exept for the missing assignments that I have that are red. But its been a good class so far and I’m gonna start on my book report soon. My favorite book is The Zombie Chasers. In the book the “burgerdog” corporation is a mutant bovine hog and when you eat it it turns you into a zombie.

My favorite sport is taekwondo, it is a physical sport that involves your hands and feet. in sparring how you get points is my hitting them in the strike zones multiple times. If you hit them in the zones then you get one point. there are multiple kickcombos that you can do to defend yourself.

I love to ride my bike around town all the time. I ride to maceys, on the canal, to my grandparents house, and more. My favorite place to ride is to maceys and to mount mahogany elementary. When I go on bike rides it lets me cool off and think easier. the only thing i dont like about biking is that i have to maintain the bikes performace.

My favorite thing to do at home is to play with my nuchucks. When I play with my nunchucks it makes my endurance go up. When i have them fly past my face i make sure not to flinch. when the chuck hits me i cant feel a thing because im so used to it. this was my parent teacher conference blog


My Term 1 Book

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My term 1 book is ” Black Storm Commin ” it is a great book so far. The author is Diane Lee Wilson. She writes books about horses and rides them quite often. The book is historical fiction and is quite suspenseful. The book is about a boy that is on the wagon train to Sacremento, on the way his mother gets sick and they have to stop for a while. His family needs money to give to the doctor so he becomes a pony express rider. On his deliveries he comes across many problems and setbacks. I recomend this book for everyone because it is a overall great book.

The author of the book also wrote Firehorse. It was copyrighted in 2005 by Diane Lee Wilson, and written in 2004. The book isn’t in a series and is a great novel, as goes for Black storm commin. I am almost done with the book and I want to read another book about the pony express. The link I gave was to I recomend you get the book ¬†because Diane lee Wilson is a great author. This book is marketed to ten to fourteen year olds. The genera of this book is Historical fiction and is set in the old west and the time of the civil war.

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