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Dear mom and dad in class reading time I read Black storm commin and I read about 99% of the time. I am on on page 268 and I am almost done with the book, it is a great book too. My grades are good and mostly blue, exept for the missing assignments that I have that are red. But its been a good class so far and I’m gonna start on my book report soon. My favorite book is The Zombie Chasers. In the book the “burgerdog” corporation is a mutant bovine hog and when you eat it it turns you into a zombie.

My favorite sport is taekwondo, it is a physical sport that involves your hands and feet. in sparring how you get points is my hitting them in the strike zones multiple times. If you hit them in the zones then you get one point. there are multiple kickcombos that you can do to defend yourself.

I love to ride my bike around town all the time. I ride to maceys, on the canal, to my grandparents house, and more. My favorite place to ride is to maceys and to mount mahogany elementary. When I go on bike rides it lets me cool off and think easier. the only thing i dont like about biking is that i have to maintain the bikes performace.

My favorite thing to do at home is to play with my nuchucks. When I play with my nunchucks it makes my endurance go up. When i have them fly past my face i make sure not to flinch. when the chuck hits me i cant feel a thing because im so used to it. this was my parent teacher conference blog


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