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In English right now i am reading the book “Scowler”. In the book the main character of the book is Ry. He is a 19 year old man that has a lot to do to keep his family farm going. His mother Jo Beth, is his ┬ámentor and she is always there when Ry doesnt know how to do something. The villain of this story is Marvin Burke, he is like a torment to the family, he abuses Jo Beth and Ry and he went to prison because of his crimes. Ry’s little sister is like a person that doesnt know what is going on because things are moving a million miles an hour, she is a little girl and she is always playing with her toys and she is always asking questions.

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I would cast George Clooney (2000) as Ry Burke in this book because Ry is strong, funny, and smart. George plays roles like this in a lot of different movies (Oh Brother Where Art Thou), that is why i would cast him as Ry Burke.

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i would play Jo Beth (Ry’s mother) as Sally Field (1960). The reason why i would play her as Sally Field is because she is good at sewing, she is a independent woman, and she cares about her kids a lot (Forrest Gump). I think she would be a perfect actress for this position.

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I would cast Jeffery Dean Morgan (2017) as Marvin Burke because he plays a criminal, a leader, and a jack monkey in many different shows (The Walking Dead) and movies. He would work great for this part.

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I would cast Annie Thurman (1982) as Ry’s little sister because she is curious, smart, and full of energy (Annie). I think that she would be a perfect actress for this part.

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