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Term 4

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In term 4 the book im reading is  The Giver. It is by Lois Lowry. The reason why i chose this book is because it was on my bookshelf and i never had read it before. My mom said it was a good book so i listened to her and chose this book. Another reason why i decided to read it is because its one of my granparents favorite books.

This book is the perfect readig level for me because it is for grades 8 and up. This book is the perfect level for me because it has some words that i had to look up and some word that i knew right off the bat. The main charachter of the book “Jonas” is twelve when he is called to recieve special training from The Giver

The award that the giver has is the John Newberry Medal. The book is well renound around the whole U.S.A. Lois Lowry has won the john Newberry medal, Regina medal,Golden kite award, National jewish book award, and a few more.

My term 3 self evaluation

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In term 3 I took the SRI test and got a 1140 on it. The test isnt very hard, its just time consuming. Some books that I was challenged with are books about World War Two and Diary of a Wimpy Kid These books didnt make sense to me and i thought i would get a lower score on the SRI test.

My book was Slathbogs gold. This book is about a boy named alex. He goes on an unexpected adventure and turns out to like the adventure even more than he thought he would. He goes on an adventure to claim slathbogs gold and slay slathbog the dragon. i havent done my book report yet but i think that i will do well on it.

My plans for term 4 are to keep my grades up and to not have as many missing assignments. I havent chose a book yet but i think i will get the opinion from my cousin because we are a lot alike.

Call to adventure

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My normal life is School, scooters, sleep, food, friends, family, sports, and other people. These are the things i think about/do/ hangout with on a regular basis.

My friend kandonn told me that he was going to start scootering so i said that i wanted to start too. He told me it would be fun and that we should do it together. we have been scootering for three years now.

My refusal to this is that i really sucked so i stopped and then rejoined him in doing this because i saw him getting better at the sport and knew that if i stuck with it then i would get better


My mentor was kandonn and he helped me learn all the basic tricks, he also helped me get rid of my fear of falling.

Personal Quest

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what experience madce me feel more adult? When i was in sixth grade i got my firts job as a tiler. I felt like an adult because i had a responsiblity to fufill each day. I went to work at 8:00 and came home at 5:00. Another expirejcde is when i broke my hand in fourth grade.

what i did over my xmas break

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On the first day of my break I got my phone taken away. The reason why is because I had a few C’s. my phone is gone till march 9th and it sucks.  The second day that of my break I went and hung out with my friends. We went to maceys and we got a donut and then went over to sodalicious and got a drink. On the third day we went over to my grandparents house and had a christmas party and food. The next morning we opened presents and we went back over to my grandparents house to have food and finish our christmas party.

The book that i chose is Slathbogs Gold. I chose this book because my cousin told me it was a good read and that I would like it. The author of my book is M.L Foreman. The reading level of my book is 8th-10th grade.

The new years resolution that I have set is to get better at scoot and to get better grades. The tricks I want to land this year are double tailwhip and truck driver. the grades I want to get is A’s and B’s.

End of term 1 blog post

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During the reading time in class i felt that i got a lot of stuff done. The reading was easy for me to do. I felt that if i could read at an eighth grade level that i could move to a ninth grade level. This term i picked a book that was on the verge of eight and nine, it seems like a good book so far into it.

The writing in the class was relatively easy, the problem was that i never wanted to do it. I also thought that the book reports were much too exessive. Otherwise i thought the paper assignments were easy and that i would get good grades on them. The essay about Meriwhether Lewis was easy to write because i had a lot of facts.

The book reports were really easy to do because we had a thing to do and we could use our books to guide us. there were a bunch of kids that did them early for extra credit but i didnt feel that i needed the extra credit. The pack your bag one was really easy becuase all you had to do was pack a bag and explain what each item in it was for. I felt that it was a good experience because i was introduced to a lot of new books.


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In the book “Black storm commin” the important symbols are a horse a mochhila and a letter. The horse stands for transportation. It stands for transportation because a rider will mount it and they will start riding to their destination. The mochhila stands for a package. In the mochhila there are letters, those letters are the contents of the package.

The front cover of the book is a kid riding a horse. In the back round there is a big black storm. The font is an old west hardy font. The kid is wearing a  brown floppy hat and a brown hyde jacket. The horse has a white stripe on its forehead and is galloping.

The theme of the book is to ride and get money for his family(helping his family finacially) while he is doing this his mom is in the hostpital.



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The plot in mfy book is getting mail to certain destinations to help get money for the medical bills Coltons mom has to pay. On his adventures he delivers mail to sportsmans hall and sacremento. When he gets back to carson city he gets paid and stays a couple days then leaves again. He delivers the mail on horseback, so on the way his horse will get tired.

The main conflict in the book is that Colton loses the job that he has and has to find a different way to make money. He searches for a new job and decides to ask to work in the stables. He gets rejected and has to keep searching for a job, as he is searching, there is a pony express rider that went through town and stopped to tell the pony express office that there is a storm comming and that he wont ride any further, so Colton steps up and says that he will ride past the storm and into sacremento to deliver the mail.

My favortie part in the story is when Colton is riding back to carson city and is thinking of all the good times he had riding to sacremento and when he gets there. As he rides into carson city he walks into the pony mail office and says that the mail has been delivered. Then he rides through all of the fog to chinatown and gets to the hospital and then goes up to the room and says “Im home”.



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The main characters in the book Zombie Chasers are Zack, Rice, Madison, Zoie, and Ozzie. These characters go on through out the whole series of six books, as they are going on they come across setbacks and problems. one of those problems is crashing their helicopter into a gas station.

The sidekicks in the story are Rice and Ozzie. These two characters are always protecting the rest of the group. Rice is the really smart sidekick where Ozzie is the really strong one that goes on missions. on Ozzies missions he comes across a mall with the rest of the group and they try to find weapons and food to suvive.

The antagonist of the story is all the zombies. They are the antagonist because they set the group back from completing the mission of saving the world. As they get somewhere new, there are always more zombies. The group always manages them, but sometimes they cant because of how many of them are around them.

My favorite book

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My favorite book is Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer the reason I like this book is because it is about dystopian future in the zombie apocalypse. The main character is Zack Clark and his friend Rice Porter. They go on and on trying to find

an antidote for the zombie virus which is started by BurgerDog, BurgerDog is a hog that has genes from a cow, the scientist that made these “Bovine Hogs” doesn’t test for any side effects of the food. After they find out it was this man (book 3) they findout that the cure is the blood of a girl they pick up on the way. Her name is Madison when they get to the scientists house they figure out that he is still alive and knows how to fix the zombie virius. The scientist takes brain and turns it into juice and mixes it with Madisons blood and then sprayed it on popcorn. They give it to the zombies and then they turn into people again. The genera for the book is Action and Advenure. In the book they have to deal with a lot of problems because of the zombie horde. This book is 244 pages of the challenges of being a survivor. Boys is what this book is marketed to because of the gore and action in the book, they would like it because there is always something happening in the book wether its an attack wether it is them finding something and whole bunches more.

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