Book Declaration term 3

For this term, I decided to read Slacker by Gordon Korman. This book was published on April 26, 2016, and it was published by Scholastic inc. I chose to read this book because my mom told me that it was good and she said it reminded her of my brother’s friends so I chose it. there are 230 pages in my book. The main character is Cam Boxer and he loves video games.

Gordon Korman wrote my book and lots of other very good books. This book was written in 2015 in Long Island New York. Gordon had published several books before he graduated high school. He has written 3 books for the 39 clues series of books. He grew up in Quebec Canada which is where he first started writing. He started writing books in the 7th grade.

The basic plot is that Cam loves video games. He plays them all day because he is preparing for a video game competition where the prize is 10,000. Then his parents say he can’t play video games. I’m expecting this book to be good and interesting at the same time. I predict that he will go behind his parents back somehow to play video games with his friends.

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