Suspenseful Story

It was a tough day at work.  The copy machine broke, the sink exploded, and your boss was grumpy probably from the ginormous coffee stain on his shirt.   All of a sudden your phone buzzes.  You look down at it and there is a venmo from a unknown number.   They took 5,000 dollars!  Then while you are about to call 911 there is another message.  “Look at your car window.”   You put your phone away and start toward the car.  The wind is howling and you can smell the storm coming.  You reach your car.  It looks ordinary.  You unlock the car and sit inside.  There is a note on your dashboard.  How could’ve anyone put a note in your car when it was locked all day?  You reach toward the note and look at it. In red ink it says “Drive west 100 miles if you want your money back.”  You are so confused.  And scared…


You finally decide that you should do what the note says.  You turn on your car and head out.  The storm has finally hit and it is raining so hard that you can barely see through the wind shield wipers.  Finally, after a while you  get there.  It is an old fishing shack next to a pond full of moss.  You walk toward the shack and you here something.  Probably the wind.  You continue and swing open the door.  All that is in there is a little old lady with warts and a bundle of  blankets around her.  The roof had a leak that went drip drip drip on the hatchet she had in her hand.

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