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Image result for south korea capital city 51.47 million people live in South Korea, 80% of people live in the rural area. The capital city is Seoul, 9.776 million people live there. Another major city is Busan there they have a Sea life aquarium. In south Korea the major language is Korean. The poverty rate here is 20%, .04 hectares per area capita of agriculture( The religious spectrum is spread out between Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. August of 1945 is when Korea split into north Korea and south Korea. One interesting fact about south Korea is that their annual precipitation is 35-60 inches.

Final book club response

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I thought that the book was pretty good, it was very inspirational. I really thought it was¬† cool how Malala fought for what she wanted no matter the circumstances, I did not like how the story kinda dragged on in the beginning. I did not like the treatment the people of swat had, I now know that a lot of Afghanistan is like that and it is sad how they are controlled. I think in all it was a good book and good for people who need some inspiration and who wish they could fight for something they really want but don’t know how.

book club response 2

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I finished the book a while ago, I think the main theme is that you need to work for what you want and don’t limit your self. I talked about when malala got shot, cade did when the Taliban took over swat, chandler did when the schools got taken over and closed. They were the most important because they all set up more important things in her life. swat took over that led to the schools shutting down and since malala did not like that she fought for what she wanted and that led to her getting shot. Pakistan schools have been closing down during the book. I think this is so cool how she ended up graduating high school after going through all of that. I think its also cool how she ended up going to college and succeeding so much. Malala started a fund for girls school.

book club response 1

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I am done with the book, the conflict was the Taliban was banning girl schools and was not every open to others opinions. I think the main theme is that you need to stand up for what you believe in or what you think  is right. I know this because that is what Malala does and even though she gets shot she gets what she wants.

Malala Yousafzai is a activist for female education, she is from Pakistan. Her interviews are practically the book entitled:”I Am Malala” Yes she has lots of experiences with the religion and location, she grew up in it. Malala is trying to allow education for females so girls can get jobs and be heard and that stuff.

I finished and it was pretty easy to predict everything, the story has been told many times. I feel like I knew what was going to happen.

Hello world!

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