Book Declaration #3

Book Declaration Term #3

  • For this term, I have chosen to read Many Waters written by Madeleine L’engle . This book was published in 1986  by Crosswicks where 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010 . I chose to read this book because I wanted to read another book so i went to the library and tried to find it and i couldn’t so i chose this book because its a little similar o the other one they both have time travel.I was surprise how good it was the first 30 pages in and its pretty interesting i think i chose a good book to read for the term and for the new book report. There are 352 pages in this book and actually their are two main characters in this book Dennys and Sandy its spelled like that with the (s).
  • The author of my book is Madeleine L’engle  The book i chose was written in  1968 on                                          175 Avenue ,New  York,  NY 10010 . she was born on November 29, 1918  died September 6,2007  but  if  you  want  to  know  more facts  click  this  link  Madeleine  L’engle
  • so the basic plot of the story is that they go play outside by the way their brothers and when their outside they find this item and  obviously hey touch it and they travel back in time to when Noah’s ark was being built but their not all regular creatures you see every day their mythical animals like griffins and unicorns.So while their there they help build Noah’s ark from the great flood and that’s pretty much all i read and what i read on the back cover so i cant wait to read more.

Book declaration 2

I have chosen the book Twilight written by Stephanie Meyer the book was written in September 2005 where she lives is 237 park Avenue,New York,NY 10017.There are 498 pages in my book which means i will probably finish it if i read thirteen pages a day i will finish it in 39 days.the main characters nae in the book Twilight is Bella swan she leaves her home in phoenix to live with her father in Forks Bella’s parents are divorced so her mom lives in phoenix and her father lives in forks.

The Author of my book is Stephanie Meyer

When It was written in September 2005. Where 237 Park Avenue,New York 10017. And the main character that she came up with is named Bella Swan.

The main plot in my book is about this girl Bella moving to forks and falls in love with this guy named Edward . The  conflict is that well she doesn’t know that the man she loves is a blood thirsty vampire that could suck her blood at any second.I think that Edward starts off wanting to suck her blood but he gets to know her more and he falls in love with her i think they get married but also i think that he will kill her he might kill Bella that’s my prediction.

Read all about it Goblins on the Prowl

The book that i’m reading for my book report is Goblins on the Prowl. i know its not the best book title but its a great book it takes place in a mid evil time with dragons,nights,goblins, yes goblins it starts in a village by a cave and in that cave live goblins. “its a beautiful day there then a strange fog enters the village this is the opportunity the goblins were waiting for to leave the cave and storm the castle when no one notices.” “But Eric sees the goblins and he follows them into the forest. he hides behind a bush but the goblins were prepared for anything even if some one s following them so they turn around and they see Eric frozen with fear they arm there bows then all the sudden a figure pops out of the trees his name is Harry the castle wizard the protector of the castle the goblins know him so they run away in fear.” well sorry but that’s all i can share or ill spoil the book so I don’t want to do if you want to learn more about this I would recommend finding it on good reads or at the PG library this is an amazing book i would read it again.


Blog Declaration Term 1

The book i chose was Goblins on the prowl the publisher is Simon and Schuster children’s publishing the author is Bruce Coville it was published in 2015. I chose this book because i like mythical creatures and this book has tons of mythical creatures like giant toads goblins dragons wizards fairy’s.

Coville was born on May 16, 1950 in Syracuse New York Bruce Coville’s father (born Arthur Farrington) was adopted by his aunt, where he adopted her surname of Coville.

So in the book the plot is that the main character lives by a goblin cave after they were banished from the caste and they attack the castle thinking war will solve all there problems.The goblins attack people because there angry  at the kingdom.How are they gonna stop the goblins it leaves you on the edge of your seat.


Front Cover


New school year 2019-2020 all about me

I’m so excited for art and band i just got back from jazz band you guys should join do you know i’m an F.C.C.L.A officer F.C.C.l.A. means family career community leaders of america its awesome there’s food and service projects and fun activities like on Thursday September 29 2019 there’s a scavenger hunt so if you join you can do the scavenger hunt. So i also love drawing and all art also i love cooking and baking and reading i’m reading right now Goblins on the prowl. I also love helping people and i love making people smile.So that’s all about me so please comment and share with your friends and family.

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