Blog post #7

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I chose the song “Toxic” by Brittany Spears for Queen Katherine Because she is a poisoner and that can be considered toxic.

For the part where Queen Mirabella runs away I chose the song “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. I thought it fit the moment because Mirabella wanted to break free from what the priestesses expected her to do.

I chose “Let’s Do It Again” by J Boog for the beach scene because Mirabella wanted Joseph but Joseph had a girl back home so he didn’t feel the same.

For the hunt I chose the song “Natural” by Imagine Dragons because that is how I pictured everyone running around killing animals.

When Jules was poisoned by Katherine I thought of the song “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe because there is a part in the song that says “that girl is poison” which could either mean Katherine because she poisons people or Jules because she was poisoned.

Book show and tell #2

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I read Truly Devious for my book show and tell. This book is a framed story about a girl named Stevie who got accepted into a very exclusive school called Ellingham Academy. She wants to be a detective so she is trying to solve the Ellingham case that was never solved a long time ago. Throughout the book it goes back and forth between giving information about Mr. Ellingham’s wife and daughter who were kidnapped and murdered. One of Stevie’s peers gets killed in the meantime and Stevie thinks that the Ellingham case and the new case are related some way. There was also a little bit of romance between Stevie and a boy who goes to school with her. Stevie gets kind of distracted from the two cases by the boy. I really liked this book because I love mysteries and watching them unfold. I think people who like books about murder mysteries would like this book and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Blog #6: Three Dark Crowns pictures

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This picture of Alisa pretending to not have a hand represents when Elizabeth helped Mirabella run away and she got punished for it and the priestesses chopped her hand off.

The picture of the bench represents the three queens that hold up the villages. The three arrows represent the three queens each going their own direction.

The picture of the trophy is because there can only be one winner.

The conflict is coming together because now it is time for beltane where they can start attempting to kill each other. The author is moving things along and revealing new secrets about the queens. I like this book and I’m excited to see where else it goes.

Blog post #4

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Blog #2: Backstory

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Michael had a great life, his family had a big house and ran a small but successful company, he was extremely smart and excelled in school, and the best part of his life was his girlfriend Amanda. Amanda and Michael did everything together and he loved her more than anything in the world. Michael was planning on proposing to her around the time when ordinary people started turning to epics. He had it all planned out, he would take her to a fancy restaurant and after they were done eating he had arranged fireworks and thats when he would pop the question. While they were at dinner Amanda told him that she thought they should break up. Michael was heartbroken and told her to leave. He sat there for a long time holding his steel fork, he felt as if his heart had turned to steel. Thats when it all started.

Book show & tell

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Edenbrooke is set in the 1800’s in England. Marianne Daventry is living in boring Bath with her grandmother while her twin sister is off traveling and her father is in France. Marianne receives a letter from her sister inviting her to come to stay with her in Edenbrooke with her sisters family friends. On Marianne’s way there she gets attacked and the man shoots her driver, James. They go to an inn and the people help James recover and a mysterious man shows up and pays for Marianne’s stay and helps her to get to Edenbrooke. When she gets to Edenbrooke she finds out that the man’s name is Philip and he lives at Edenbrooke. The rest of the book is about their adventures together and a surprising twist when Marianne’s sister arrives.

I loved this book because it was nice to sit down and escape from the world while I read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance or anyone who likes pride and prejudice. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who gets bored easily.

Blog #1: Me as a reader

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I didn’t like reading until my sister got me into it by giving me suggestions. After that I would read a lot because it was the summer but when school started again I slowed down because I didn’t have as much time. My sister also recommended pop lit because Mrs. Rhodehouse is amazing and we would read a lot of good books in this class. My favorite thing is snuggling up and immersing myself in a book that I like, especially on a rainy day. I really like reading romance and adventure. I’m excited to get new book suggestions and read more.

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