Book show and tell #2

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I read Truly Devious for my book show and tell. This book is a framed story about a girl named Stevie who got accepted into a very exclusive school called Ellingham Academy. She wants to be a detective so she is trying to solve the Ellingham case that was never solved a long time ago. Throughout the book it goes back and forth between giving information about Mr. Ellingham’s wife and daughter who were kidnapped and murdered. One of Stevie’s peers gets killed in the meantime and Stevie thinks that the Ellingham case and the new case are related some way. There was also a little bit of romance between Stevie and a boy who goes to school with her. Stevie gets kind of distracted from the two cases by the boy. I really liked this book because I love mysteries and watching them unfold. I think people who like books about murder mysteries would like this book and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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