Lit. Circle #2: Critical Acclaim

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Review #1: This person gave Six of Crows 2 stars. Something they did like about the book was the character Nina. The whole 2 stars were for Nina. They also said that Matthias doesn’t deserve her and that she is brave and heroic. They love how selfless she is. Something they disliked about the book was that it took awhile to pick up. They don’t like Kaz at all because he does something stupid on the most important job, because of Inej.

Review #2: This person gave the book 5 stars. They loved the book a lot and that she wished she could have given it 10 stars because the characters were amazing and bad A. She said they seemed like real people.

Review #3: This person also gave the book 5 stars. They loved the book and had a really intense review about how much they loved Six of Crows. Their favorite character was whoever is talking at that given moment. She loves them all because they are so different and have different back stories. She likes Kaz because you can never read him. She likes Inej because she doesn’t waster time and worry about her past. She likes Nina because she can get down to business but is also very soft. And she loved Matthias because he is sweet but also a soldier.

The average rating for Six of Crows is 4.5 stars. I think people loved this book because it was very interesting and had a unique story line and I think that could be the same reason people hated it because they didn’t know what was going on or couldn’t figure it out. I personally really liked this book especially because of the characters. I think my group mostly liked it but I thought it was interesting how each character had a different back ground that shaped them and that’s what made the characters so good.

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