Its been 3 years since i first posted a blog post on this page, I think i was 14 years old in the 8th Grade of 2017-2018 Jesus time went by faster than i thought, You know, I hated this website, I HATED it, Bad memories.. But you know, Looking back years later, it made me realize how much I’ve grown.. How much I’ve matured.. Today, Its the Year 2020, (Corona Season) This has to be the worst year of my life and here i thought The new start of new decade would be amazing, I’m 17 years old and in the 11th Grade, One more year before I graduate.

I have a job now, At a McDonald’s,

I can somewhat drive, Just not legally.

And my hobby of drawing is still strong.

I’ve encountered Important people in my life, Something I didn’t see coming.. Teachers, Friends.. For once in my life I felt like people actually needed me.. It’s uh.. It’s pretty great.

i am currently typing this in the middle of my math class right now so i have to end this short.. This will be my last and final post and you probably wont see this, Actually I don’t think anyone will..

Well.. Bye I guess.


I’m a Big Kid Now.

When Mr Green assign us to do short story’s I was kind of flustered, I was thinking. Already why so soon? But it turns out I actually enjoyed making a short story to the point I made random stories for no reason, Just because I felt like it  and by the end of the year ( today ) I enjoy making stories, Knowing that I passed 9th grade English makes me feel proud for myself knowing that I didn’t do a bad job at it, Mr green gave good instructions and was a patient man, More English teacher should be like that, Unlike last year..

Secret Secrets Are no fun, Secret Secrets hurt someone.

When you keep secrets to someone and you want to tell them isn’t a good idea, What i mean is, if your going through some pretty bad things in your life and life has been bad for you, The best option is telling someone of what’s going on, There is no shame on hiding it, If you have friends, Your true friends would support you and be on your side, The other option is of course an adult, a loved one. The best options is your parents because they care for you and love you, They will be 100% on your side . But why do people keep secrets for others about whats going on. Maybe because they are scared of being judge or being rejected, they are some parents in this world who also rejected their kids on these types of situations and they are afraid of that, but how do they know that? They’ll have to tell them at least. Keeping secrets could be the life of someone and if your hurted then tell someone, it might help.

Love Moderately

When Friar Lawrence said “To love moderately” he might mean that don’t go over head and over the limit of love and keep it steady. In the book Romeo talks about how excited he is for marrying Juilet, He talked about how much he’s going to care for her, she will die for her. Then Lawrence said that, and the question what does it mean? We all know Romeo and Juliet end up dead at the end of the play because both of there family had beef and didn’t like idea of them two together. Does it mean Juliet loved moderately because Romeo dies from drinking poison and Juilet woke up the next morning to figure out that Romeo is dead and she ended up taking her life to meet him in the other side, Did they go overhead, Romeo died because he thought Juliet was also dead and he ended up dead,.


I don’t  specifically hate someone in this school but there are type of people who make me mad and frusterated. “hypocrites” when people tell you Hey don’t do that or that’s really dumb and they end up doing it makes me really angry and annoyed, I don’t really hate a specific person, But if they end up doing that makes me mad, Also they are other people in this school that also makes me a bit cranky and annoyed, when people that I don’t know tries to enter our conversation with my friends and gets completely ignored, I understand they are trying to make friends and all but, when they join in and try to talk but gets completely ignore but they still stand there as if something will happen.


I somewhat like Shakespeare, In 7th grade Drama my teacher taught us about Shakespeare and the history about it. Ever since that I was actually interested in it. That why I don’t fully hate him, But then 8th grade showed up and everything i ever learned was not as boring, My English class last year made it  difficult to understand him again. I lost interest in him. Bu i don’t really hate him unlike the article i read. Shakespeare pushed me around and and taught me something about pure art and how important it is. So i really don’t mind it.

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

The things I know about William Shakespeare is that he made a lot poems and plays, He known for making Hamlet, Julius Caesar and the most famous one Romeo and Juliet.   Shakespeare made long plays then the most average on, He also loved death in the plays and love, he was also strict on his plays and if the performers mess up a bit he’ll be furious. He’s been doing this for a while until he disappear on the year 1585 to 1892. No one knows where he was. He also had his own building and it was a crowded area. He was on of the most famous Artist to exist. 

Self Assessment

The good of grading your own work is to see of how much you’ve improved or what you need to do to improve, It will also help you be more confident in your work and rather do yours, In the future you’ll know what you need to change because you’ve been there before, grading your own stuff and fixing it, If your using that as in advantage then your not really proving yourself on why you need to grade your own work, This will also will make you feel more relaxed on what your making instead of thinking about what others think. So grading your own work is the best option for a student.

How I will Dominate During Term 4

What I’ll try to do to dominate in term 4 is to make my study time more available so that way i can have better results to my 4th terms grade, my goal in English class is to read 25 books before the year ends, I’ve already read 18 books this year and I’m gonna try to change that. My goal for 4th terms is to stay focus on what’s in front of me and pay close attention, the first 3 terms were not as bad as i thought, in term 4 I’m gonna try to also keep it that way but makes some changes to it since this is my final grade.

How I feel about To Kill a Mocking Bird

The book was a alright for me, It’s not the best but I can’t say I hated it. The book was a adventure and it taught me how life of a adult and a child was back at that time.(30s) The thing that made this book really hard the wording, It was kinda of a redneck speaking and not similar to the common English we knew. If the book sounded normal then the reviews would be different. I supriesed that the book already ended, It felt like last week we started to read it, I’m not gonna lie but the ending was heart touching, really changed my mood to this book.