A Little Light in the Darkness

It was boring to me. Wasn’t worth my time. I didn’t get it and it was uninteresting to me.

Max Abandoned His Family

I think he did the right thing to save himself. It was his last hope, even his mother and family encouraged him to go. He was very guilty of leaving them behind even tho he didn’t want to. I think It was right that he saved himself. I think if I were in his shoes I don’t think I could ever get myself to leave my family and mother behind. It was brave of him to do that.

What Power Do Words Have

Words can do many things. They change our lives and help to inspire people. When we read positive things it helps us have a different mindset of everything. When we read words it teaches us new things and thats a great thing. I think words are powerful they help us get our feelings out and share how we feel. The right words help us to be better people and to change bad habits into good ones. Words are able to accomplish many things such as, like i said before they change our mindset but also help us think about certain things better.

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