Love Moderately

I think what Friar Lawrence is trying to say is to keep it on the low and to not be crazy about it. Like they shouldn’t freak out if they leave the room or if they come by. I think this is good advice for romeo and Juliet because they arent really moderate people and they should just keep it on the low and go on the middle road. I don’t think romeo and Juliet are going to listen to him because they like being open and its like almost impossible for them to moderate about it. So this whole thing is going to blow up in their faces.       


I think people hate other people hate each and are bugged by others because the things that you do but don’t notice are the same things the other people do but you notice them. People can hate other people because the other person might just be a jerk or might just be really bossy and think its funny when they defended someone. You can just hate someone because you just don’t know them yet and judge them quickly. I hate a teacher at this school because they just arent fair with things and are rude. But a way to stop disliking someone is to step into their shoes and to get to know them better.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think that Shakespeare should still be taught in school because he was creative and smart and able to write about life and he was cleaver and different from other writers. He gave many different prospective that other writers at that time does not give and was creative with his writing and and showed many point of views. Even tho his plays are boring they are meant to be acted out and not read behind the desk. it also improves your reading level because his stuff is hard to read. It is still relevant and some of his stuff still happens today.

what i learned about people

What i learned about my person i interviewed is that she likes food, food, food, friends, food, food, food, food, food, volleyball and food. I also learned that she wants to go to college at either the U of U or Utah state and she might consider being a dental assistant. I have learned that her favorite food  is pizza and fries and that her least favorite food is sushi and mac and cheese she says that mac and cheese is pretty much just all cheese and the texture is gross. i also learned that her favorite classes are biology and geography           

What i dont know about the people in this class

I dont know like anything about anyone in this class. Where they might have lived before, what sport they play, if they have had any surgery, what food they like, where they want to go, what job they want to have. I dont really know anyone in hear on a crazy personal  note. I feel like this will help people learn more about other people and what their life is like.  And ya now im just reaching for stuff to right about so i get 100 words so ya. i cant get to 100 oh well i dont care that much.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I feel like i have been doing pretty good on my grades right now i don’t have any C’s and feel like i am caught up on.  When i started the year wanting to get a A in biology but by this time of year i don’t think it is even possible. What i have struggled with is not getting off track and being able to pay attention. Things i want to work on in this class is writing better and being able to write about anything with ease and to read more books I get bored to easy with books.

What makes a great person

What makes a great person? maybe its the ability to be able to stand up for something or to someone and do what is right and do what you stand for. Maybe its being kind to people and doing everything you can for someone even if they dont owe you anything youre doing it out of the goodness of your heart. Being a great person i just doing what is right and being able to stand up for what you believe in and what you think is right and just being kind and helpful to people. I think those are what make people great    

To Kill A Mockingbird review


The book was basically just going through life and showing good rules to live by and like what was happening back in the day when the book was going on. It starts by scout saying “It all started when jem broke his arm” and then it just tells us whats happens before jem brakes his arm and then they tell us how he brakes his arm. This also talks about racism and how it was back in the day and how much of a problem it was. I think the book lives up to what people say because like just by reading the title it already sounds like a dumb book.


In the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird” it leaves A LOT out from the book, But it still covered the main ideas of the book and the movie was still a pretty long movie. The film did well at giving us a better picture of what was happening in some parts. The best part of the movie was during the trial with Tom. The movie missed a lot of stuff the book, some were minor details but other parts played a big roll in the story and ya.    

good stuff

In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”  it says “If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head”  from Mrs Rachel this is talking about how people think that it worthless to try and fight for the case and try and fight against racism. This affects things because she is saying it no use to fight against people on something so big and so common and even tho atticus is right and should win the case it just doesn’t matter because everyone is so on board with racism and doesn’t want to accept the fact that it is wrong.

An Authority on Courage- Uncle Pat

Hi my name is Pat and and I’ve done some pretty stupid dumb crap before and so i could give you some wisdom on whatever crap you need help with. First off you “just need to send it” grow a pair and just go for it don’t be a sissy la la and wait around all day long for something to happen about it, you just need to do whatever you need to do and just go for it. You just gotta man up and go for it, When i was a boy i wouldn’t event think about the stupid stuff I’ve done.