What’s On My Mind?

Well the one thing on my mind is something that is going to happen tonight. I have wrestling practice at 7 PM, to 7 AM, all night tonight. We will be working on a lot of things that involve things that require strength and endurance. I am really “Excited” about the things that I will be doing to night like, Lifting Logs with the whole team which is probably about 50-60 pounds and will run across the entire gym for that. Why don’t we just do it at practice? That is a thought that I was thinking why they couldn’t do that, but I realize now that it is to get the people that don’t want to be there to get them off the team. Of coarse I don’t want to be one of those people that just quit for that, but I am really excited about doing this in general. Why I am I doing this? I want to get strong, don’t want quit, don’t want to fail, be there for my team, always be positive, and don’t forget why I am doing this.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

What does this post have to do with me? I read the story, “After Twenty Years.” Well I think that sometimes story have an important tale. When you find your friend that you haven’t seen in 20 years what would you do in this situation? When you walk past him knowing that he is your friend, he doesn’t find out that he walked by you, not know what you look like. When he is talked to you he acted like you were a stranger that he hasn’t talked to you in a while, and doesn’t realize that is you who he is talking to. This story relates to me because one time I was talking to a friend that I knew for a while and I he almost acted like the brother I never had. He then moved to a different location across the valley and I never saw him for a while. I then saw him at a gas station near where he lives, so I could get a drink. I walked up to him and said, “Hello,” he turned around and said “Hello?” I asked do you remember who I am? And I will never forget what he said. I have no clue.


Suspense and Word Choice

One day on Halloween just hanging out with friends, the night was quite, and no one was on the street. We decide to keep on trick-or-treating to get as much candy as possible, and we just kept going. I checked my watch, 1:00 AM, we kept going. I checked again, 2:00 AM. my parents said I can stay up as late as I wanted, so I kept going with my friends. Once more, I checked again, 3:00 AM, “Devils hour,” I said to my self. I told my friends that we shouldn’t walk in the dark without any light, so we got out our phones and decided to record on our phones to see if we can see anything on our phones. The next day, all of us got out our phones and put the recordings together to see if any thing happened. What we saw was unsettling, we all called our parents and we told them what we saw. “It was a killer” I started, but I couldn’t finish my sentence because we all eventually shut up and saw that we were ghosts…

Free! Body And Soul, Free!

One way a person can feel trapped is to feel like they can’t do anything. One way that a person can feel trapped is to lock themselves in a room with out any communication to the outside world. One way to gain freedom to both of these remarks is to be able to communicate to the people that you know very close to, and tell them how you feel about what is going on in your head to make them understand what is going on. Sometimes this happens to a-lot of people and they don’t know what to do. Sometimes they take their lives, they keep on dealing with what is going on without any one knowing. People don’t usually have good communication skills to talk to others about what is going on, but if they talk to there parents they might have a good trust between the three of them.

1st Term Business

The way I feel about Mr. Greens Class is that he is the best teacher to teach things for us then answer questions for us. When I try, I do a lot of work in our class and felt pretty good about the work that I have done. When I first got here in the beginning of school, I felt like this class was going to be pretty hard, but when Mr. Green said all that we have to do is read, annotate, and write essays for the whole year, I felt a little bit better about this class. My goal for the 2nd term is to actually have an A for the rest of my classes in this term and see where this will get me for the year.

Technology: Friend OR Foe?

I think that technology is a friend but also a foe, the reason why I think that is because if they take time away from us that is why it is a foe. When technology is a friend we can search up really important info and other things that will be for communication and other things that can help us. The reason why I think all of this is because if you play games during school then you are using technology very wrong. But if you are using to read this information online you are using it right. When I use technology I play games at my house and sometimes at school during my time, not during class work. When I see other people on games I try to ether tell them get off or just ignore what they are doing, or try to ask the teacher for help to bring them over.

The First Story I Read

The first story that I ever read was, A Sound Of Thunder, by Ray Bradbury. When I read about this story it says, “The Sign on the wall seemed to quaver under a film of sliding warm water.” The main characters are, Eckles and Travis, the main two in the group, along with a few other hunters and guides. Eckles wants a Dinosaur and wants to keep the trophy to show off what he has done. Eckles runs off of the path from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and does something that is really bad. The thing that moves the story forward is that Eckles is scared out of his mind and some thing happens in the present due to only one small delicate thing that some how alters the present in there time. Travis says to Eckles that if something changed due to you, you will never see the present again. And that is what you will have read in order to find out what happened. One giant cliff hanger.

I Can Use Figurative Language!

When I woke up in the middle of the night and had to get a drink. I walked up the stairs and saw that there was something in the way of the stairs, I moved the object and it was as heavy as an ox. When the object was moved it was time for me to get a nice drink of water. I walked up the stairs again and opened the door and looked over near the sliding door and saw a person standing there, I was scared out of my mind that the hairs on my skin felt like they were hopping off of my skin and running away. I said to myself to run and tackle the figure after turning on the light. I saw that the figure hadn’t moved in the entire time, and thought that it didn’t see me for the first 30 seconds that it was there. I turned on the light and saw that it was just a cardboard cut out that my dad got early on in the day, I laughed about this and  thought that I was under attack from a cardboard cutout.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been reading the Son of Neptune, By Rick Riordan, and I think that I have been using the time really well to read and do work that I’m missing. I just finished the Lost Hero, also by Rick. I have been investing time to either reading or doing a blog post. What I’ve liked about reading these books is, for me, they have really high suspense on what is going to happen next and why that is going to do to the characters in the book, and that is why I liked the series of Percy Jackson. Honestly, I think that I have used this time really well to get caught up on work and mainly just reading, and doing other stuff that helps me get better at reading, or writing. I think the next book I will read is the next book in the series and that is the best part of these books because they always have the high suspense for me.

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

I think that the earth would barely change in the time of 76 years, other than a civil-war, America, a World War III, and new games would come out. In the future, I think that there will be a bright day that there will be nothing at war and we would all just be happy that there is no war anymore. When I think about what will happen will be a great disaster in between the 76 years that will happen. But who knows what will happen in the next 76 years. When there is no war against people, there will be peace among people and, I think, everyone should be nicer to each other. When animals stop fighting, along with humans, we will have to find food, but if we can’t we won’t have enough food to then live off of meat. We will have to grow crops to live in order to survive, and animals/nature will take over the world in about a few thousand years, and we will have to live in those conditions.