im a big kid now

sooo looking back at the years when i was weird and had weird clothes some weird friends and to looks at me now is weird i was a good kid to a idiot but its ight i have sum good friends and some bad friends and i choose to do better stuff so yea im chillin going into 10th grade is gonna be weird BC my brother is there and its a way bigger school and sum high schooler friends that i hung out with are there and now they can give my rides to get food and stuff thats it….


I feel like people keep secrets to make them fell good. people that you can keep a secret is showing that they are ok to tell them agian. Sometimes i and you need to say everything that is on your mind even if it is someone else that you are talking about and hope that they wont tell them. Saying this stuff to someone you trust can also help you and you feel better after and in a good mood its weird. They can help you through all of your problems and always talk to you if you need someone to talk to. Secrets can also hurt someone on the inside, because something that you say can also hurt the person your talking to. annnnddddd yea im done.

should we teach shakespeare

Teaching shakespeare is a waste of time. it is hard to read and hard to understand. if you are smarter and can understand things tht are hard to read then maybe this could be a good think to read. sometimes some people can understand this stuff but it is so hard to read and understand. when MR. Green tells us what is going on I still do not cath on to it but I dont think the people are funny in Romeo and Juliet really anyway. I guess some people would like Shakespeare but this is a waste of time to teach in schools.

everything i know or think i know about Shakespeare

William Shakespeare died in the early 1600’s and was born in the mid-1500’s .He was a good English poet dramatist in addition to an actor. As well as onto this, some consider him to be the best dramatist and English poet in history. He wrote funny stuff, histories, and tragedies; his most famous one being ‘Romeo and Juliet’. i guess his birthday is coming up. I have heard his plays and stuff are hard to read and that makes me not want to even try and read his books. I don’t like to read really anyway and Shakespeare makes it harder.

love moderately

i think teenagers can go over bored when it comes to liking someone. they might have a tendency for them and it could be a boy or a girl these are thing ive heard and id never do it. romeo is crazy to think that he needs to marry Juliet the next day. what if Juliet does not want to then what would happen. the advice that i would give to romeo is that girls sometimes can be to much and he needs to slow down and get to know her and that he  does not need a relationship. yea


soooooo friends go through lots and i know that people talk behind peoples backs and sometimes you do friends lie and so do you. you can love your friends and hate them but if you hate them why hang or even talk to them. you go through lots of ups and downs but if you stay real with them they can trust you i have many friends that i dont know if they like me or just act but im trying to be friends and have stoped the “crap” that ive done so now its your turn try to be better friends with your friends and trust them if you have a felling like dang they are talking crap about me and you ask them and they say no then trust them that is what im trying to get over with it is very hard because my friends tend to lie a little bit but its ight sometimes you need u break from them and if you think that they dont want to hang out with you than just say ok when they say no even though you know they can hang try it. 

how the sub was

sooooo as you know me i talk alot and i mean alot like if a little think comes on the intercom or something i just talk or just talk to talk so i talked alot and got told not to talk but still talked and got intruble i did not like the sub she was ruid to me lol i dont know i was not paying attention but i didn’t like her but yea i could work on it another time when we have a nother sub and try maybe not able to do it but just try not to talk or anything. 

self assessment

on Mondays A1 the worst day we do something called aleks its a math thing and i am never wanting to do it so i just sit there and pop my gum or lean back in my chair and just sit there. so i just need to figure out how to focus i know how to but i just dont want to. A3 Mr,green’s class when i dont want to work so i just sleep when i sleep i get behind then what do i do so i need to show my self and the teachers that i can do it. 

how i felt about to kill a mockingbird

soooooo i thought to kill a mockingbird was good so,e parts it was kind of boring i didn’t like doing the tests on it the book was not as good as the film in my opinion and i liked the film more because the movie did not have as much moves and parts as the book but i dont like to read so i liked the film more and i like to see what is happening in the movie so if im reading the book i cant really rap my head around the whole thing and see what was going on. 

good stuff from to kill a mockingbird

on pages 252 the quote is dont fool your self’s its all adding up and one day your going to pay the bill for it he is pretty much saying that the white people think that they can kill or put in jail or hurt black people and be racist to them because hey dont like them and that that is all going to change soon after what is going to happen next in the book like he is saying that you wont be able to be racist to the black people any more after the trial or some thing like that but yea.