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Blog #4: Story/Legend and peom

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In this poem it talks about a man who is like a fearless lion of Sri Lanka. He was the best leader they’ve had. He fought off terrorism when no other leader did. He loves his nation and will do anything to protect them. He was born a natural leader and is still learning more. He stays calm in crisis and knows exactly what to do.

It says in the peom “is as fearless lion of Lanka” it shows how brave the leader is because he is as brave as a lion. It paints a picture of how strong the leader is when it says “Always, he roar like a lion and says this is our land and no one has dared to step in with ill in their heart.

The poem has some weird syntax when it says “So, many leaders had come and go, their is no one like him who loves our nation and people.” the wording is very weird and the length of the sentence is different then the others.

The theme or main idea of this poem is to always have bravery. If you are leading a nation or group of people you have to have bravery and be strong because people are looking up to you as a leader.

The cultural aspect in this story is how they changed the man to be a lion. They are talking about a leader and how strong he his but change it to a lion and how he protects the kingdom and all the other animals. This ties into Sri Lanka because it talks about a leader in Sri Lanka.

Post #3: News Article

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In this article the New York times talks about how women are wanting to run for office in Sri Lanka. This is a big thing in Sri Lanka because the men are usually the superior gender and are the ones who run for office. It talks about how men are opposed to this idea of women standing up to them and starting to run office. Men have made a lot of corruption and with women in office they believe that it will reduce corruption. The problem in this article is men are running against women running for office, they are in denial that women are standing up for themselves and doing something about it. Women are trying to make them more important and needed in Sri Lanka. This article shows that in Sri Lanka there is a lot of control from men. Men are the gender that run the office and are more important. It shows that Sri Lanka is farther behind then us when it comes to political problems. Here we can have women in any part of office they need. In Sri Lanka they are getting started on trying to have women in office. People from other countries should know about this and know how far along we are compared to other countries. Its in their culture to have men be in charge and not the women.

Post #2: Background information

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Chile has a very large population. They are at 17.9 million people, Chile is still continuing to get larger. The majority of the population live in Santiago Chile, also known as the capital of the Country. In the capital Santiago, 6.3 million people live there. Antofagasta is another major city in Chile. Antofagasta is mainly made of desert and beaches. They have an ocean on the border of Antofagasta. The major languages spoke in Chile is spanish.

Post #1

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  1. I chose Sri Lanka
  2. It looked like an interesting country to learn about.
  3. I expect to learn about the religion and how they’re lifes are
  4. What religion is there?

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