Blog Post #8

  1. The Mockingjay pin encourages people to stay brave because it gives them hope. The pin gives them something to hold onto and unite them as a people in rebellion. It is just a symbol but it many things have symbol or ways to unite them as a team. For example there are mascots and colors tied to sports teams and even though those are just simple things, it unites them. The symbol of the Mockingjay pin secretly give them some power because it is very indirect. They aren’t directly rebelling against the capital. It is just the little things they do that go against the capital that brings them together.
  2. Freedom can be a hard thing because there are some people who want to have the power and be in charge. And with having freedom nobody is really in charge and things can get out of control. Giving freedom can be a struggle because then not everyone is equal, but that is the same for when they don’t have freedom.
  3. An issue I see in our community and country is people taking advantage of the rights they are given. People are allowed to have guns, but they abuse that opportunity and end peoples lives with it. People are allowed to drive, but they drive when they are drunk and end peoples lives. People can have jobs, but some people just decide to live off the government instead of getting a job. All of these things are people making wrong choices in my eyes and they should value the rights they are given instead of ruining them for all of us.
  4. I would keep inspiring her to move towards the rebellion. If they want change then they need to do something about it. I would tell Katniss that she may be costing a lot of lives and bloodshed, but if she wants change then she needs to keep doing what she’s doing. And what she is doing is giving people hope for the future.

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