I’m a Big Kid Now!

This year has been really great. I feel really accomplished in school. I was able to memorize all the states and capitals of the U.S. I was also able to memorize all of the countries of the world! I feel like I wrote the best essay this year in English as well. I have grown to be more mature and have made a ton of friends. I got my first real solo in ballet, and I have mastered it. Back in August, I was really shy and didn’t really care much for my grades. Now I am super out going and care so much about my grades.

Secrets Secrets are no Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Somone

In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet and Romeo keep secrets from everyone. They got married in secret, and only told Friar Lawrence and the Nurse. Then more secrets come from Juliet and she ends up telling no one. At the end of the play, Romeo and Juliet die. If they would have just told their parents, everything would have gone fine. We shouldn’t keep secrets from those who love us, and those we trust. Especially our parents. They are there to help, support, and comfort you in any situation. Trust your parents. And if they are not the most trustworthy people, trust another adult.

Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence is trying to ell Romeo and Juliet to take things not too extreme. Romeo was saying the after he and Juliet got married, he wouldn’t care what happened next. Friar Lawrence has really good advice, and we should all take it to accountability. We don’t always need to be so extreme all of the time. I want Romeo and Juliet to use this advice, but I think it’s really obvious that they won’t. If Romeo and Juliet wanted to become moderate people, they would have to think things through really well, and be more calm and less drastic in everything they do.


To be honest, it is really hard for me to hate someone. But I dislike the actions that some people do. For example, if someone was bullying my sister or one of my friends, I might get really over protective. When I was in elementary school, there was this boy in my sisters class. He had been mean to her for the past two days and I was ready for it to stop. So when my sister was at recess, he came over and started picking on her, so I picked him up, and carried him to the recess guard. The way that I feel helps people get over their hatred for people, is to do service for them, or just to love them and be their friend. You never know what is going on in a person’s life. So just be kind. Just like the golden rule. 🙂

What Happened with the Sub

I came into class and me and Mariah and Maranda were talking, cause the bell hadn’t rung yet, and we were talking about not getting into AP stuff or Honors english. The sub joined in our conversation about her daughter. Then Mariah left and the bell rang. So me and Maranda sat in our seat with the rest of the class. The sub told us what to do and we got to work. Then people started moving to their little friend groups and the sub got irritated because they were taking so much. While this was going on, I was silently annotating one of the essays the sub had given us about Shakespeare. Then class ended.

Everything I Know or Think I Know about Shakespeare

I remember talking about Shakespeare in eighth grade. I remember that he was married and had kids. I think I remember him having a big house too. I remember that one of his sons died and his name was Hamnet. That is why he named the play Hamlet, Hamlet. The is famously known for his plays as well. No women were aloud to act, so the men dressed as women for the women parts. He wrote The Tempest, and he wrote Romeo and Juliette. He also wrote Julius Caesar, and Hamlet, as I’ve already said. He wrote other things like Much Ado About Nothing, and a whole lot more.

Self Assessment-What Good is it?

I feel like self assessing is very important because it shows how honest a person can be based off of how they grade themselves. I feel like it makes it easier for students to learn and grow, because they get the main stuff out of the way, and there is more room for more detailed small mistakes that can be pointed out by the teacher. Self assessment is important for people to do because it helps with real world instances in recognizing mistakes, and by doing this, it helps people understand you better, by how you self assess.

How I felt About To Kill a Mockingbird

I’m not joking what so ever when I say this, but this book is literally the best book I’ve ever read. It was thrilling, and funny at times, it was entertaining as well. I liked how it was Jean Louise that was the narrator, because it Explained the book more kid friendly. It was in a way, sometimes funny, when Scout was at school, and just messing around with Dill and Jem. I loved Atticus especially. He was definitely my favorite character. He was wise and cunning, and very truthful towards others and his kids. He always turned the other cheek, no matter what people did to him, because he tried to be empathetic and always trying to understand what others around him are going through.


Good stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

On page 243 Atticus was talking to Jem after the trial, and Jem asks Atticus why Tom lost, and Atticus said that only children weep. I thought that that was sad because the “white” adults didn’t exactly care that Tom lost the trial, and how in a sense kids are more merciful. It’s sad to know that kids care more than the adults. I thought that Atticus said this really well, because it kind of makes you think about it. Harper Lee was pretty smart when she was writing this book, because she uses some meaningful phrases in very clever ways.

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

When my friends say they are having a problem doing the right thing, I say to always choose the right. For example if they are having trouble with enemies, turn the other cheek and love one another for they are God’s children. Be humble and merciful, for they are human, and make mistakes.  In the parable of the Good Samaritan there is one man that is traveling to Jaraco and gets robbed. The Good Samaritan comes over and sees him on the side of the road, so he takes him, wraps him in bandages, gives him water, and rides him to Jaraco. Now this Good Samaritan was from Samaria and the other man that was beat, was a jew. These two types of people never liked eachother.  Another example is when you are in charge of a group of organization and you are waiting on revelation, sometimes you feel like you want to just make something up to solve your problems. But faith in the Lord is having faith in God’s timing. So be patient.

-Jesus Christ