Post #4 Legend

This legend talks about the conflict between two different leaders and how they both had animals on their side that fought each other as well. It doesn’t have much of a message that I can find, but it is very popular among the rural southern end of Bangladesh. The legend told what events lead up to the fight between the Croc demon and the Tiger god.

This poem tells a story about the love a man has for a woman. He tells about how she has changed his world. “This was the first day when life started to vibrate on this earth” I enjoy this line because it paints a picture of the whole earth becoming alive, as if all of the colors just appeared, as if all of the animals began to move for the first time, the flowers just began to bloom… as if the first hint of beauty came to be. The main idea was that this woman brought all of the forces of nature and beauty into his life.

Post #2 Background Information

Bangladesh is located in southern Asia, east of India, and southwest of Myanmar. It has a population of 161 million according to a census from 2015. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka with a population of 14.45 million people. Another major city is Chittagong with a population of 2.6 million people. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali. 13% of the Bangladeshi citizens are below the countries poverty line. 90.2% of Bangladesh’s citizens practice Islam, the next most common is Hinduism with 8.5%. 26th of March, 1971, Major Ziar Rahman broadcasts the declaration of independence over the radio. 31st of March, 1971, Kushita resistance begins. 2nd of April 1971, Jinjira genocide occurs. 10th of April, 1971, government-in-exile forms in Bangladesh.


This article discussed Bangladesh’s path to Cricket and their rankings and scores. They went from being the worst team to beating even the best teams.

Post #1 Introduction

I selected Bangladesh because the other options I wanted were taken. I expect to learn about their culture and every day way of life. I am curious as to what things they celebrate and how they do so.