Post #4: Story Analysis

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The article that I chose is about how Malaysia is improving their country. They have taken many steps in the past years to help the geographical expansion phase they are in. They have been developing a renewable sources of energy. They also have a great interconnection with Thailand and Singapore. In this article I saw great imagery in this sentence, “We are the keeper of the light for everybody in peninsular Malaysia, whether it’s commercial or domestic consumers, be they in rural or urban areas,”. I like this sentence so much because it shows how they are keeping the peace between rural and urban areas. This article used a lot of complex sentences with very big words but if you look up the meaning and break down the sentences they are great. The main idea of this article was to show how well they are doing and how much progress they have made. In conclusion Malaysia is doing great.

#3: I Malaysia, religious concerns stall child-bride reform.

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Malaysia decides not to criminalise child marriage

In this article, it talks about how men are raping teenage girls and then marrying them to cover up that they raped the girl. They marry the girls because then the girls are forced to be loyal to their husbands. This is currently happening all the time and continues to because of the religion. In some cases the girls speak up but not very often.  Preeti Jha Contributor is the author of this article and I got it from the website EBSCO. In the article Preeti Jha Contributor said “She was just 16. Her rapist expected she would keep her mouth shut if they were married, she figured. He wouldn’t be the first Malaysian to protect himself that way from prosecution.” What’s happening in Malaysia is not okay and this problem needs to be solved or at least start to get better. More people need to be aware of what’s going on.

Post #2: Background Information

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The population of Malaysia is 32,513,846 and most of the people live in the city Kota Bharu. The capital is Kuala Lumpur and the population as of 2009 is 1,493,000. Another major city in Malaysia is Ipoh with 497,067 people living in the city. There are about 137 language spoken in Malaysia the National language is Malay. In the Southern region of Malaysia the most common religions are Islam and Muslim. In Malaysia they have high temperatures, its very humid, and they have all 4 seasons.

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